Why I’m Praising the Lord

People think I’m crazy when I’m dancing
and praising the Lord
But when I dance and stump my feet
I picture Satan on the floor

I start shouting and praising my Lord Jesus Christ
Thinking of his goodness and how he’s changed my life

I praise the Lord when I’m down
and even when I’m broke
Because He has giving me joy
and he’s giving me new hope

I’m filled with the Holy Ghost
and excited in the Lord
I give God all my battles
because he never loses a war

When I can’t hold on and I just can’t see
The Lord says hold on and he’ll hold me
I give God the glory and thank him everyday
Because of him I’m alive and I’m still here today

I’m not crying tears of sorrow, but tears of joy
Knowing God’s on my side and he is winning this war

The devil tries to attack and
he thinks he’s going to win
But, I rebuke him in the name of Jesus
and he just can’t come in

See, you don’t know like I know
what the Lord has done for me
If you knew you’ll be right by my side
praising he set me free

So lets praise the Lord Jesus
as we believe in faith
that no matter the situation
the Lord Jesus will lift the weight

A Christian poem by:  Marlene — Drugged and Delivered

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