One Minute Altar Call

One minute men may love you,
The next they may cast a stone,
One minute you may be toast of the town,
The next you may stand all alone,
One minute you may have the world in your hand,
The next one nothing to hold,
One minute you may be a free man,
The next one your life may be sold,
One minute you may feel invincible,
The next one defeated and lost,
One minute you may be safe and secure,
The next may be tempest tossed,
One minute you may be quite healthy,
The next you may draw your last breath,
So in the next minute I earnestly pray,
Call on Christ who saves sinners from death.

A Christian poem by:  Mark Tinjum — December 2015
Mark’s Poetry Website – Salvation Stanzas, Reasons and Rhymes

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