The Devil in the Confessional Box

I have worked very hard.
But now I see the fruits of my hard-working,
They’re even better than I’ve ever dared to dream!
In vain may some try my possessions to redeem
When I’m no longer in the shadow, lurking,
But I have gained people’s approval and esteem.
No sneaking, since a statue of me smirking
Is guarding world’s front yard.
I have worked very hard!

I have been very wise.
People loved freedom, this I knew from Eden.
So they believed me once again I’d set them free
When they unleashed their crying for democracy
And got dictatorship in sweet lies hidden.
The need for New World Order then I made them see,
Where bigotry against me is forbidden.
People delight in lies.
And I’ve been very wise!

I took over their minds.
And made them think ’twas always their decision
That made the choice between what’s evil and what’s right,
While all morality was taken off their sight
And people got their truth from television.
Some that are not of mine turned on this devilish light
And so, inside their Kingdom brought division.
I love this light that blinds
And takes over their minds!

I’ve vandalized their brain,
Haunting their quietness with beats of magic
That teach the ignorant deep things and lead the crowd.
I sang to all my dark philosophy so loud
That sounds of joy and beauty turned to tragic.
The echoes of this decayed music make me proud,
It makes even the saints somehow nostalgic!
My songs drove them insane,
Brute vandals of the brain!

I’ve conquered the young hearts.
At first, convincing moms that she’s a fool
Who rots abandoned in her home shedding a tear,
When she could rip her skintight bra and make career,
Surrendering her brood to public school.
They grew up strong in wickedness with every year . . .
Oh, education is my favorite tool,
The apex of my arts.
I’ve conquered the young hearts!

Men found themselves inane,
When with their self-pride I made an alliance
So that they praised the lie of evolution
And made it bloom in any institution,
Doubting their reason in the name of science.
The “wise” men turned their ears to my solution
And looked at their own meaning with defiance!
Their search for truth was vain
And found themselves inane!

Mens’ lusts have had no rest,
Since my eccentric views grabbed their attention
And women started their impudence to adorn,
Descending the steep slope from Barbie dolls to porn
And freed from all their fears by birth prevention.
A whole new generation, that can’t abstain, was born
And one who thinks that sex is my invention.
With all this shame undressed,
Mens’ lusts have had no rest!

I’m leading as a priest
In their widespread religion of distraction,
And everywhere, with no delay, I got my payment,
For people sold their common sense for entertainment,
Drowning in waste their empty souls, with satisfaction.
The mindset “buy for fun” was my attainment,
One that became even for saints a great attraction.
Charmed by the endless feast They’re following their priest!

I’ve won the greatest war,
When I talked up the fashion of Churchgoing
And people crowded in to buy salvation,
Leaving behind the truth for the sensation
And inner cleanup for an outward glowing.
So many praised this crafty imitation,
Some out of ignorance, and others, knowing.
Sweet pharisaic whore,
Has won the greatest war!

I am above Ground Level
And I am always taking care of my affairs.
You are wrong when you would take me on your backseat,
I am delusive, and the Master of deceit
And I’ll intrude fast on your front seat, unawares.
Now I leave, farewell! A servant I need to meet.
I’m very busy, not just giving myself airs.
I am above Ground Level!
Forever yours, the Devil.

A Christian poem by:  Agnia P.

4 thoughts on “The Devil in the Confessional Box”

  1. This poem is amazingly insightful and very well written. The devil is excellent at his job, which is found in john 10:10. Us Christians need to understand this and begin to rebuke him according to God’s power. please keep writing about these truths.

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