First Time

Before I was ever thought of, You already had me in Your arms.
Made plans for me to be Your vessel
Put life inside my limber skin, filled my heart with Your love.
You kept me in Your arms until I was ready to face the world.
You said that where I will go, it will be cruel and will change me.
But You continued to hold me.
I was almost ready but You told me it was never going to be easy.
So You gave me the tools to prepare my needs.
You gave me wisdom with eyes to see,
Knowledge with a voice to speak, and emotions with hands to feel.
With all these I shall never be afraid.
And You told me to never be afraid.
Then You prepared me and said I would be ready and sent me to be revealed.
Sent me into this sin-infested world, there my parents would await.
Said that they would love me as much as You, but how can they love as You?
My eyes opened for the first time, I see many faces but none were like Yours.
I took my first breath and cried because Lord, I missed You.
But in their arms they held me as You did, held me as You did before.
I felt their love and in their arms I felt warm.
They named me Benjamin and as I grew, I grew into the world.
With each step I began to take, the image of Your face began to fade.
I grew to not live Your ways, You began to cry as I drifted away.
But You never left me, You always came to me.
Every day I can see Your face but I did not recognize You.
Every day I came to the same place to recognize not You but Your disguise.
You asked for a little change and I gave a little less.
Just a little, You gave back blessings, thanking, “God bless . . .”
There I felt ashamed and there You called my name.
Benjamin . . . Benjamin . . .
My heart lifted and I became afraid.
My emotions hid me but You said to never be afraid.
With knowledge I was able to call Your name. Then I remembered.
With age came wisdom and I was able to see Your face.
No more disguises to blind me; there You stood.
I ran to You and You took me in Your arms telling me
You missed me since I’ve been gone, telling me to come Home.
Afraid I was no more and Your work Lord, is what I am here for.

A Christian poem by:  Ben Mouanoutoua

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