There is beauty all around us,
If we open our eyes to see,
God turns a worm to a butterfly,
And gives flight to the honey bee.

There is beauty in the mind of Jesus,
It’s made manifest by His creation,
For on that glorious dawn of this age,
The morning stars sang with elation.

There is beauty in the heart of the Father,
Tender mercies and grace without end,
For when we were lost and blinded by sin,
He sent heaven’s High King to defend.

There is beauty in God’s Holy Spirit,
Who gives comfort and helps in our need,
He is the One who gives us voice,
When we don’t know how to proceed.

There is beauty in salvation’s story,
How the King became poor for our sake,
And bestowed on us heaven’s true riches of grace,
That of His nature we may now partake.

A Christian poem by:  Mark Tinjum — December, 2008

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