Homeland Security

I am a citizen of a great and holy nation with perfect homeland security
Someday I will go to that far off glory land and live throughout eternity
The citizens of this nation are peculiar people from different places on earth
They are all the people who know Jesus and have experienced the new birth

My homeland security keeps me safe from all danger and harm
And someday I will be in my homeland comforted by God’s arm
There will be no need for armed guards or policemen in that land
For there Jesus the Savior will be the light in that place so grand

Jesus is preparing our homeland and safe haven of rest
Where all the saints in Glory will be forever eternally blest
We will be there with our Savior forever in that wonderful place
After we have traveled life’s short journey and finished the race

A Christian poem by:  Cindy Wyatt

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people . . .
I Peter 2:9

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