Shaking the Dust

Today she celebrates the Savior’s birth,
Worships the Light in fullness yet unseen!
But errant hearts distort the Light of earth,
Again they scourge the Son of Man, her King.

While season’s clamor muffles Christendom,
Impious hearts embrace the wintry frost,
The ones for whom rebirth may never come.
Then Advent passes, notwithstanding cost.

She seeks the strength to speak the boldest truth,
Then shakes the dust, withdraws and moves along.
From door to door, propitiation soothes:
The burden Jesus takes, and now is gone.

Henceforth, she judges not and speaks in love:
His saving grace descending like a dove.

A Christian poem by:  © Donald B. Lindsey Jr. — December 25, 2005

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