Life sure can get complex,
if you just let it so.
With every wilting flower,
a healthy one will grow.

It started out so simple
just one pill led to two;
but with age seizures angered
and I didn’t know what to do.

They changed so fiercely overnight,
I dared not tell a soul.
I just played pretend they didn’t exist;
prayed I wouldn’t pay a toll.

Then, with a gift from God came happiness,
everything feels just right!
Then came a twist, a jab, of hopelessness!
It’s now hard to sleep at night.

For what was managed then, grew and grew.
Not one in that town could believe –
that the dilemmas with me are for real, are true.
So with all of that – my child and I had to leave.

What may have seemed atrocious
what may have seemed unjust;
all happened for a purpose
this happened, now I must

I must be honest
I must be well
I must be focused
Dear God I’ll tell . . .

I’ll tell You how shocking life can be!
I’ll tell you I’m tired, no energy!
Seizures aren’t controlled by medication for me;
They’re controlled by the faith in our Lord, I NOW see!

Faith in Christ is the actual cure;
even when I still require pills.
Cause with all my problems and issues I endure;
with His love there’s no trial, mountain, no hills!

So I praise Him today with all my heart,
my heart has so much to give!
Without Him I’m not sure where I’d be
He’s shown me all more reason to live!

A Christian poem by:  Hetty — January 29, 2009

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