Anglicans Anonymous

We are members of an army
Anglicans we’re proud to be
Always ready for a battle
Love to set the captives free
Armed and ready for the conflict
satan’s demons have no chance
Then I wake up from my slumber
Back I go into my trance.

We are members of an order
Anglicans anonymous
Say the words that threaten ozone
Do not want to cause a fuss
We’re equipped to spread the gospel
But we seem to hold our tongue
Maybe we should bite the bullet
Go and preach to everyone.

Being British we stay silent
Someone somewhere has the knack
We’ll be here to smile so sweetly
When they bring the convert back
We are treading costly water
One day He will ask us why
We let people follow satan
To a death that none should die.

A Christian poem by:  Mike Bullock

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