Once You Are God’s He Doesn’t Easily Let Go — Melinda’s Testimony

At one time I felt ten feet tall and bulletproof. I was so certain I could beat Satan that I challenged him. That was a big mistake and allowed Satan to take me down a road away from God. The good news is once you are God’s, He doesn’t let you go, even when you mess up to a great degree!

I was married and had an affair. Satan painted a picture and placed all of the items of temptation before me and I took the bait. All the while God was watching me and letting me know He saw what I was doing.

Have you ever noticed how many vehicles have that little fish on the back of it? You especially start noticing when you are doing something wrong that you know is wrong! I never knew so many cars could have that little fish on the back of them. To me it was like God was saying, I see you and I see what you are doing.

You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
    you discern my thoughts from afar.

Psalm 139:2

I didn’t want to hear from God though. But God wanted me to know He was watching me.

I met a person and he had two children, a girl of about 13 and a boy about eight. The boy’s name was Josh. One day I was going to the store and Josh asked if he could tag along and I replied sure. Once we were at the store Josh asked me for aa dollar. At the time all I had was a five, so I gave it to him and told him to return my change.

When he returned he gave me the change and gave me a ring. He told me the ring would bring me good luck. Then he said, “This is what I really wanted!” Then he showed me a necklace he had bought. The necklace had “WWJD” on it. I thought to myself, oh great, another sign! God was still trying to tell me He was watching.

In the midst of shopping Josh had managed to lose the letter D from the necklace. We spent some time looking for the letter but never found it. You could tell Josh was heartbroken and it was the last necklace too.

As we started across the parking lot his little face suddenly lit up and he looked up at me and said, “I can still wear this necklace.”

Then he said, “Do you know what I am going to tell people the “WWJ” stands for?”

“What?” I asked.

Josh replied, “Who was Jesus?” Once again here was my sign God was watching.

After leaving Josh with his dad, I started back home. I decided along the way to stop and get my nails done at the mall. I was thinking to myself, No cars with little fish, no Christian book stores–nothing to remind me of God or that what I am doing is wrong.

As I sat down at the table awaiting my turn I noticed a man as he walked through the door and began placing beside each patron a sheet of paper. When he placed mine on the table I glanced down and in big, bold letters across the top were the letters JESUS CHRIST!

So, you see, once you belong to God, you are His and He doesn’t easily let go.

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