Sam’s Christian Testimony

Jesus Changed Me – My Christian Testimony

My testimony is probably pretty common in some peoples eyes, but in my eyes it’s a miraculous story. I’ll keep it as short as I can for you though.

All through school growing up, I was always Mr. Popular and Mr. Athlete and all that jazz. I was always in the light (so to speak).

After high school I went to play football in college. When it ended up not working out the way I had hoped, I left and came home. Needless to say, there went the light that I was use to standing in!

I then went to school at home and then on to Gainesville, Florida, where I got into drugs. I ended up quitting school and continued partying and making money with drugs was my job for a while. That kind of put me back in some form of light. I was “the man,” right? Not really! I ended up finding a different light in DJ’ing. I’ve been a D.J. for the last 11-12 yrs of my life in nightclubs and been around it all. I’ve been through drug phases, unhealthy relationships with women as well as unhealthy association with others.

One day God used one of my best friends to reach out to me. Well, God spoke to him in his dreams and told him to deliver a message to me, and he did. I was going through quite a bit at the time and asked God to help me and to take control of my life. Well, let’s just say I witnessed some very powerful and spiritual events and I knew that God was there for me. The only thing is, I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain! I fell back off into the depths yet again, like an idiot!

A couple of years had come to pass and My friend who God used the first time to reach me had just been re-saved. He called me and told me what happened for him, and that once again lit a fire in me as well. Needless to say, around the mid to later part of July 2009, I repented for the last time in my life and found a new light, the light of righteousness which I now walk in! I immediately quit smoking, drinking, or anything else that was unholy. Believe it or not I put it all down and have not had the slightest urge. I don’t go out to bars or clubs and don’t miss any of it. I have completely separated myself, with the help of the Lord that is, from anyone and anything that are not of God. I strive each and everyday for more knowledge and wisdom of or about the Gospel (The Word Of The Lord). I read every day and I have attended church each Sunday and Wednesday from that point and moment of my salvation. I continue to receive blessings every day and witness or experience miracles happening to me and around me. I will continue to walk, talk, and grow in The LORD our GOD who has blessed me and invited me into the family of righteousness and/or the “Royal Family.”

My job and testimony now changes into a ministry. From here I’ll continue to grow closer to JESUS and begin to minister to others THE WORD OF THE LORD OUR GOD however he sees fit. Thank You JESUS! My testimony has been a true blessing in the name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

FATHER, I just thank you LORD for the blessing of salvation LORD that you’ve given unto me and that I have received. LORD, I thank you for covering me with your blood LORD which was shed at Calvary on the cross, covering me like a blanket of love, forgiveness, power and protection. LORD, I just pray LORD that you continue to bless me and my loved ones LORD GOD as well as anyone else who needs a breakthrough LORD to righteousness. I thank you and pray this in the name of JESUS our LORD and savior, AMEN. Praise GOD!

Some of you may be able to relate to my testimony or maybe not. You might be going through other battles that are tearing your heart out. You too can climb out of misery and separate yourself from evil or negative things or ways of life. All you have to do is repent and take a moment and humble yourself. Drop to your knees and beg GOD for forgiveness. Tell him that you believe in the LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST and that you want JESUS to come into your heart & renew you.

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