Avoid Fake Pot!

It was a basic Monday evening for me, meaning I had lazed about and flirted with unrestrained lust, but this day became something more for me, in ways I would never want. You see, my step-dad had bought this new stuff online called Barely Legal. Apparently it was some sort of fake pot and we were gonna try it out.

I took a hit and sat back into a chair. Nothing happened, so I took a massive hit and almost instantly I started feeling light-headed, but it didn’t stop there; soon I was having waves after wave of distorted reality. I knew right then this wasn’t what I wanted and I wasn’t gonna hit anymore. I just wanted it to stop.

That is when it really hit me. I went from that high state to black with a strange barrage of colors and sounds, but at such a high intensity that I was unaware that I had a body. I even had trouble remembering my name or whether any of this was real. All that I had was this swirling feeling and pain—loads of pain. At this point I was screaming, “I am in hell! I am in hell!” over and over. Whether I was in that state for a few minutes or years I couldn’t tell. All I know is that the sounds started changing; I could hear my step-dad calling to me. Then I would swirl around and it would get lost in the numbing pain and colors. By this point I had stopped wondering about hell because I think I had gone mad for awhile. The swirling grew faster and my step-dad’s voice broke through the fog. Then the swirling grew faster still, the colors became less diverse and blended together to make white. The sounds also grew louder and more harsh. I had the feeling all of a sudden that I was falling, and a hand came out of the darkness, unseen only felt, that suddenly clasped an arm that I didn’t even know I had. I held on with all my might as the tempest of pain grew faster still and the sounds became a shriek loud enough to make ears bleed. The light became more blinding, then all of a sudden it stopped.

I was looking into my shed and it was growing more clear. I remember screaming, my whole body convulsing as I came to. Slowly I was able to remember who I was and that I was not in hell but still alive. The arm that I had gripped with so much desperation was my stepfather’s. He was cradling my body and sobbing, praying to our Lord for mercy.

Now you can think that this is some half-baked story, or that I was just experiencing a bad trip, but my friends I know I’m a sinner and do wicked things. So as for me, I know I was in hell, or at least that I experienced the punishment set for me if I don’t change my ways. There is nothing more eye-opening than being in total darkness with no memories, nothing but pain and whirling noise. So I hope you pay heed to my confession brothers and sisters in Christ so you may never have to suffer what I went through.

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  1. I sometimes feel that I was just crazy too. Sometimes I feel I left my body and my Spirit was in hell. I really remember little about it, especially now that it has been over 20 years. I took two hits of LSD, it was 1992, or perhaps 1993, I was 16. I was the worst, I was working on mastering ruthless and deviant behavior. I really went far, about as far as drugs and alcohol will take you. No one needs to consider taking drugs. Like I said I sometimes feel strongly that I was in hell, and the time there was distorted, it could have been a lifetime or more. It was mostly an extreme, emotional experience. I can’t say I saw or smelled anything. It was just negative and there was no comfort there (if I had an O.B.E.). I’m not a Bible scholar but I think Paul knew a man and Paul was struggling. Was this man experiencing it all in his mind, or was he out of the body? Paul just says these words: “I DO NOT KNOW”. Rev. 21:8 ought to be referenced here, as the original manuscript used the Greek word for drugs where we often find the words “magic arts” or the word “sorceries”. I can identify a little. The time must have been 20 to 40 minutes here, on our time, and I knew also that I went through the worst. I knew that other’s (peer’s et al) experiences were tremendously different and they could not identify with my experience in the least. Stay drug free y’all and stay on top of ancient and inspired, Biblical texts the best you can. Enjoy staying safe from Satan. He lies.

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