Cheryl’s Christian Testimony

There are so many stories I have to share that there isn’t room enough to pen them all right now, so I will share a few that will maybe touch someone’s heart, give hope to someone who can relate, help increase somebody’s faith, encourage someone to seek the Lord, or just make someone’s day.

I was riding in my car today listening to Moody radio and callers were giving testimonies on God’s faithfulness. I wanted to call in but had left my phone at home. So the next best thing I could think of to do was to find a testimony site and share some of my experiences.

I have been unemployed because my employer went out of business in February of 2010. My husband and I both worked for the same company. He was not eligible for unemployment because he was self-employed and a 1099 employee, but I was. Our income dropped to less than half of our annual earnings, yet God has seen to it that we have still have the truck and car that we had, all our bills are paid monthly, we’ve had no disconnections, have not been hungry, still have our house, and all our needs are met. When figuring the budget we came up short for one of the car payments, and thought we would have to give one up, but each month for the past 13 months, God sends us some kind of miracle that allows us to be able to make that payment too. We thank and praise Him for his faithfulness, mercy, grace and love!

Five years ago my husband had an affair after 13 years. It had been going on two years when I found out about it. We fell out, separated and he even divorced me! I was devastated from the betrayal to the extent that I was operating in an out-of-body capacity for much of the time we were apart which was six months. I never accepted that it was God’s will. Two weeks after the divorce was final, he called and said he had come to his senses and wanted another chance. I was reluctant, but because I believed in my heart that it was God’s will, I yielded. At first it was too hard, but we became closer to God. Trust was non-existent, but we did work on it and began to communicate well. There was a lot of misunderstanding and a lot taken for granted in our mindsets. We both had some changing to do. Each year got better. By the second year it was good, by the third great, by the fourth awesome and it’s still growing. May will be five years since we re-married. It was really hard to recover but God brought us out, and as He promised, replaced the ashes with beauty. Our relationship was completely restored and our latter years are better than the former!

Finally, for this writing, I want to speak to mothers who have sons and daughters on drugs and who may have psychological issues as well. We have a son who is 48. He was strung out on drugs for 20 years and we didn’t see him on a regular basis. He has been drug free for 8 years now. There were times when he would disappear for days and no one saw or heard from him. Many of those times I would allow Satan to steal my joy. It was during these times that I would ask the Lord to just let him call so I could hear his voice. My rationale was that if he could speak, I would know that he was okay. Sometimes the call came just as I finished my prayer and said amen. Other times I had to wait a few hours, sometimes a couple days, but the call always came! I think about God’s goodness and how compassionate he is, and how he cares when we hurt and does all sorts of things to make us better. It was hard to let go of my son because of his mental illness, but I turned him over to the Lord 10 years ago. To this day he does not take his meds because he thinks they do more harm than good, yet God has kept him all this time and regulated his mind so that he is considered high functional, has his own apartment, and is pretty independent. I have to manage his money and bills and take him to his medical appointments, but that’s okay, I don’t mind. God is still looking after him. I talked to a friend 10 years ago about him and she said by not letting him go, I was basically saying, “Lord I don’t trust you to handle him; I can do it better.” That was all that needed to be said. I made the change and God has been faithful even beyond my expectations. He is doing very well even without the medicine.

God bless every one of you who reads this testimony, and the owners of this site who provide yet another avenue to reach the lost!

4 thoughts on “Cheryl’s Christian Testimony”

  1. Hi!
    Your wonderful testimony of God’s daily providence & steadfast faithfulness encourages me much with hope. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. That one phrase resonated with me, ” by not letting go, I was saying to God, I don’t trust you”
    Thank you, I needed to hear that TODAY

  3. Thanks for sharing your testimony! I am afraid for the future as I am coming up to 60 and my husband has not had a job for over 20 years. If and when I retire, it will probably be very difficult; but after reading what you experienced gives me hope and I pray that God will help us to have faith and trust in Him. I know that it is through those tough times that God will surely come through for those He loves.

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