Amy’s Miraculous Healing

My second child Amy was born on May 20, 2009, with a C-section birth. All seemed fine when she was released from the hospital two days later. But then exactly two weeks after that she ended up in the I.C.U. with total body collapse.

The days after that were very sad because a professor notified us that she was born with a birth defect. Through all of this we kept praying that God would cure her from this defect. A few days after that my brother asked me to attend a Christian men’s camp to be held close to Tarleton for the weekend.

Because of Amy’s condition I thought this might be the answer to our prayers. At this meeting the pastor called me forward and started to proclaim my life as God was giving him this information. I cried desperately to ask him guidance as to how I could get my child healed of this sickness that she was having.

The pastor closed his eyes for a moment. He said that after this meeting I should go directly to my child and hold her right hand in mine. Then I should start to pray the blood of Jesus Christ over this sickness and believe she would be completely cured. I rushed to hospital soon after we arrived and prayed for her and what amazed me was the look on her face afterward.

She smiled at me as if she wanted to thank me for what I had done. As the days progressed, every blood test done showed positive results (that she was starting to get better).

Today she is living proof that this birth defect no longer exists. The professor and the pediatrician could not believe their eyes.

I am glad to say that God still does miracles and that He will always be there for you (through thick and thin). I want to give Him all the glory and the praise. God is wonderful and He will never forsake you. Glory be to God forevermore. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

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