Brandon Duncan’s Christian Testimony

I’m blessed to confess that JESUS called me out of the dark to serve in the light! Part of my testimony is shared on the 700 club at CBN.COM (Brandon Duncan Finding Freedom In Prison). Of course that is only a six-minute brief and God has been working miracles and wonders since then that are worthy to share. JESUS gets all the glory for I am able only in Him.

I become an addicted alcoholic by the time I was in my early teens and started robbing and stealing to support my habits. At twenty years old I was captured by law enforcement, convicted of armed robbery, credit card fraud, burglary and drug possession, then sentenced to more than thirty years. For fifteen years I was shuffled from prison to prison seeing the inside of more than a dozen bloody institutions where for the first thirteen years I lived a violent, hate-filled, vicious life.

Facing a death threat once again, already homicidal and almost suicidal, I cried out to JESUS and He rescued me from darkness giving me life and love. With two years until release, I studied the WORD of God, corresponded with ministries on the outside and finally, in September 2006, I was released.

Since my release I have been blessed and highly favored to serve in ways I could have never even imagined. I’m just a servant of CHRIST but He made all things possible and I become an ordained minister, work as an evangelist, perform most all pastoral duties and praise His holy name I founded a youth outreach gang prevention ministry in 2009 — Fierce Youth Outreach.

If interested feel free to google Brandon Duncan Fierce Youth Outreach and verify as well as get a little more detailed insight.

JESUS really does make all things possible. I am living proof and testifying today. Seeing others come to Christ is the ultimate purpose in life. I pray millions more like me are reached and so every chance I get I share.