Doug’s Testimony – Mormon to Christian

I was raised Mormon, in an abusive household. It seemed boring and lifeless to me, and I couldn’t respect a religion my abusive father belonged to.

Growing up, I had emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems. Among them: Asperger’s Syndrome, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD (as a result of the abuse). In addition I had a low immune system and chronic migraines.

When I was 13, in a search for power and personal development, I began experimenting with the occult and Satanism. After I was freed from a possession, I turned to Wicca, which I saw as lighter and safer and filled with love, which I now realize to be a lie and a disguise.

When I was 16 I came out to my parents as bisexual. My parents kicked me out of the house when I was 19, in the beginning of December. I remember being heartbroken and scared, thinking I was going to die alone on the street. I managed to get a hotel room for a few nights before catching a bus to Idaho to live with a friend. Her landlord kicked me out after two weeks, as I was not on the lease.

From there I went to a homeless shelter and saved up enough money to go to Casper, Wyoming, to be with my long-distance girlfriend of 1 1/2 years, where there is a Christian Rescue Mission for homeless people. I was scared they would try to convert me. They didn’t. I lived there for three months.

Near the end of the first month, my then-girlfriend cheated on me and I fell into a major depressive state. I was walking at night, and my left foot was run over by a pickup. I went to the hospital and got X-Rays. I was blessed (though at the time, in my ignorance, I attributed it to the Wiccan Goddess rather than the true God), as there was not even a hairline fracture. I was in a walking boot and crutches for two weeks.

At the library a nice Christian lady asked to pray for me to recover from my injury quickly, and I accepted. The next morning I had no need of the boot or crutches. Still I denied Christ.

One day I felt a need to go to the library and go to the second floor. While there, I met a Christian (not Mormon) girl, Danae, whose plans to travel to Texas that week had been cancelled due to unforeseen difficulties. We now believe God planned that.

We quickly became friends, and started dating shortly after. I asked to attend her church’s youth group with her, merely to spend more time with her. Then I went to church with her that Sunday. At my second youth group with her, I felt something stirring in me. My third, I felt the urge to tear off my pentacle necklace.

After that youth group, as she was taking me back to the Mission, I asked her to pull over in a secluded area so we could talk about youth group. She agreed. I shared with her my feelings, and told her about a dream I had had the previous night which seemed to suggest I would convert. We prayed. I pulled out my pocket knife and cut the string to my pentacle necklace, throwing the pendant across the street and as far away from me as I could.

That week, at church, Pastor was praying and said “And God, please bless the person in this room who has been dabbling in witchcraft. Release him from his bonds.” Nobody in the church besides Danae, her mom, and our friend Noel knew about my history of witchcraft. I felt God’s spirit in me then.

After church, Pastor sent out his weekly newsletter to members of the ministry, which included Danae’s mom. She told me part of the newsletter, which detailed how Pastor had felt God telling him as he prayed to pray for the one dabbling in witchcraft. He thought it was strange at first, but knew he had to obey God.

My passion for God had ignited suddenly and powerfully. I obtained a Bible and a cross necklace and strove to learn everything I could about God and the Gospel. Over the next few weeks I attended church and youth group every week. I asked God into my heart, multiple times as I felt like I needed to show God how passionate I was about Him.

Finally, only two short weeks ago, I was baptized. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. Even if the water was freezing! I had been baptized when I was eight, like any Mormon child, but as I didn’t choose to do it on my own and as I had left Christ completely, I felt like it was important to do it on my own.

I just turned 20 only three days ago. My journey to Christ has happened fast, and been completely life-changing. I am no longer homeless, and I no longer struggle with depression or homosexuality of any form. Danae and I are still going strong, and the only one I love more than Danae is God. I thank God every night in my heart for bringing Danae into my life and using her to bring me to Him.

†~God bless you all. I love you all.~†

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  1. you do not have to deny magic even jesus peformed mericles just subscribe to rose ariadne”s online email class do not deny the supernatrual powers of the divine counsel of god just invoke jesus and god the father and the holy spirit.

    1. What the Holy Spirit does is not magic. The Holy spirit is the power of God in person and to say that it is magic is close to saying that it is the power of Satan, which the Pharisees made the huge mistake of doing. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin.

  2. Doug, don’t listen to them, that is a LIE.
    Through out the scriptures it says that ALL forms of witchcraft and magic is idolatry. wAll power either comes from God or from Satan. Do a deep bible study on this my friend

  3. James 3:15 says “such ‘wisdom’ does NOT come down from Heaven but is eathly, unspiritual, of the devil.” Learning spells and potions and invoking spiritual healing is idolitary and a sim because it comes from Satan, the God of all deception ._

  4. I thank our Lord and savior for rescuing u from the powers of darkness..and I pray that he will continue to strengthen u in his word by his that when u face temptation u will remain standing in the Lord..I pray ur faith will not fail.Amen.

  5. The devil is a liar. Witchcraft is not of God. May the Lord continue to keep you and take you to new dimensions and depths in Him.

  6. what I am saying is you do not have to be a wiccan and you do not have to worship idols and you do not have to practice witchcraft I am just telling you stop rejecting the existence of mericels and super natural things even god created them in the book of genesis chapter one verse one it says that in the bigining god created the hevens and the earth it also means mericels and super natural things

  7. Thank you for sharing your testimony. The protective hand of our loving Savior God is upon you!
    Keep close to Jesus.
    Don’t listen to Jay, I just read one of his comments on another testimony where he encouraged a lady to continue in the sexual sins that Jesus had forgiven and saved her from!
    God be with you brother.

  8. Doug, stay true to Jesus and stand firm in your faith! Pay no attention to those who follow their father the devil who knows the bible well and twists scripture attempting to decieve many. He hates mankind and only wants to steal, kill and destroy you! THE NAME OF JESUS HAS POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER THE ENEMY! The bible says to resist the devil and HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU! AMEN!! Remember that you are a child of the Most High God and Jesus the messiah is coming soon and will return the second time at the end of the age. Read Matthew 24.

  9. Look to Jesus and let the holy sipirit direct you. Jay you are not God to instruct people. It is the holy spirit of God. So give good advice not critics. God bless

  10. Dough, don’t listen to what anyone says. Listen to God. The only advice you should take is from God. If he brought you through and saved you, He is sure to guide you, just ask Him and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. If you feel confused, tell God about it and I know for sure that he will make clear the right path for you to follow.

  11. Awesome testimony, Doug. God chose you, knowing your heart, and He has a mighty plan for you. Spend as much time as you can in the Word and in God’s presence. Pray for your spiritual senses to be awakened and for God to stir your faith. As you mature in the spirit, you will discern the voice and promptings of Holy spirit so that your obedience will play a role in others coming to Jesus. God bless you.

  12. Such a sweet testimony! I am so glad I came onto this site to read your story, Doug. I pray if and when the time is right, our Father will reunite you with your family. I’ll be praying for you and for their deliverance.

  13. Thank you for your testimony Doug and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ who saw you in the depths of despair and struggle and stretched out his hand to save you. This testimony is beautiful and Jesus truly lives and loves you. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you

  14. Doug, I thank the father Almighty the Creator, his only begotten Son Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit for you. I am a catholic and I pray that you keep growing strong in your faith with Christ. God Bless you my brother. Please stay away from all sorts of magic (there is no such thing as good/white magic, it is just the trap of the evil one)

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