Karinne’s Christian Testimony

Hi all. I wanted to share with you what has changed my life forever.

It all started April 29, 2009 when my mother was diagnosed with terminal sarcoma cancer. We were sitting there waiting for the test results. Mother kept saying “I am fine, Karinne”. She was fine until the results were read.

Finally leaving the the Dr.’s office Mama was so upset she didn’t speak the whole ride home.

May 2009 rolls around and Mama was so so very sick. She was in and out of the hospital due to chemo and radiation. Seemed like every time she went she would stay in bed after the treatments. She became very, very weak . . .

I would go to Mom’s house and ask her did she need me to do anything and she would say, “No, Baby,” and go back to sleep. My mother was by far my best friend. We gossiped and did everything together.

Now this is where GOD comes into the picture. In May, 2009, in and out of the hospital and seeing my mother go through what she did I was so very angry with our LORD! Little did I know at the time that she was one of the fortunate ones that didn’t have to suffer that long. Still angry, I would beg and bargain with the LORD. “Please don’t take my Mama LORD – she is my heart!” Still, the pain and agony went on and on through June 2009. Until that day, June 26th (her birthday), she was in the hospital and looked at me and said, “Karinne, it’s time to go home.” I was thinking Mama we can’t go home you are so very sick. At this time she was getting very little oxygen and her left lung was full of fluids.

The family showed up at the hospital and we all spoke about leaving and taking Mom home; after all she wanted to go home!

We contacted Hospice and they got out there set up everything and we just waited for my mother to get home by ambulance. Once the ambulance showed up I remember saying to Mom, “You are home.” As soon as I said that she went into a coma. I remember seeing her so happy and always the backbone of the family.

All the family stayed up with her knowing tomorrow she might not be here. All of a sudden I felt like I should get the Bible and read to Mom. I felt comfort through the words of Christ. I was still mad and angry and wanted to know why.

June 27, 2009–Mama passes away at 6:02A.M. That early morning I knew Mom was having problems because we had the hospice handbook and it spoke of things that made it all visible that she was in the dying stages. I remember that morning before Mom died asking GOD, “If it is your WILL please cure my mother, and if not take her with you and stop the suffering. In Jesus’ name I pray AMEN.” He listened and took her.

June 30, 2009–the day of the funeral. We said our goodbyes to Mom and left the services. On the drive home I was looking out the window and just crying saying, “Mom, why did you leave me?” then I heard something say, “Look up in the sky.” It was a heart-shaped cloud. GOD had permitted my mother to tell me goodbye! In shock my husband told me to grab my camera and take a picture. I did and I now have it on my wall.

From that day I knew that there was a GOD and He does listen to prayers. At the time I didn’t understand and always questioned him.

People, my point is–GOD LISTENS–He is there. We just need to LISTEN . . .

I am a baby Christian now and love to serve my GOD. The end is near; please be SAVED before it is eternally too late!

Also, love your parents, for you never know when they will be called home to serve our LORD!

God bless you all.

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