Wanda’s Testimony – God Never Gives Up On Us

I have a testimony that I am led to share. I’m not sure of how to word this but I will try to do a good job keeping it short.

My mother passed in 2021. My dad and her were married for 62 years. After her passing, my dad spent the next year and half living at the cemetery–four hours morning and night for a total of eight hours per day.

My dad had never accepted Christ. During the one and one-half years, many people would stop and witness to him. I lived with him and he would get upset when I mentioned anything related to God’s promise for eternal life and salvation.

On June 1, 2022, my dad didn’t come home for lunch. I decided to go to the cemetery and check on him. I found my dad slumped in a chair with no pulse or blood pressure or breathing. I was so afraid as the cemetery is in a rural location! It was 102 degrees in hot Louisiana.

I screamed out for God and help. I started trying to cool him off with water and held his airway open. I was afraid he had no chance for survival or salvation. Once the ambulance arrived, they worked on him for 45 minutes to get him ready to go to the emergency room.

He was at death’s door. There seemed to be nothing left to do. He was placed on a ventilator. After a couple days on a ventilator, they discontinued it. He could follow commands: raising his finger and his eyebrows, and trying to talk.

An old friend came by who is also a pastor and prayed and read scriptures asking my dad if he would like to accept Christ as his savior. My dad shook his head intently nodding yes two times. My brother and myself witnessed this.

My dad lived a week. He never could speak, and his eyes were closed the whole time. However, he would respond by turning his head, tears and showing emotion.

I am now at peace. Being a registered nurse, I am aware of the miracles God gave us that day. First of all, he should have never recovered cognitive function from oxygen deprivation to his brain out in the cemetery. He also was without vital signs for an extended period of time. Again, he should have never recovered cognitive function.

God’s grace for him was so much bigger than death. God saved my dad and sent his friend to the hospital. God also placed me there to witness this. My faith is so much stronger today because of this event! I know this was long , and there is so much more. I just wanted to share what God did when it seemed impossible.

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One thought on “Wanda’s Testimony – God Never Gives Up On Us”

  1. Wow .. thank you for sharing and it was by no means long. I could’ve read much more!! What a faithful God and blessed redeemer !! I’m so happy your Dad came to the Lord before he left this life, and through the Lord prompting you to check up on him, him doing that miracle of both extending his physical life, order to allow your Dad a final opportunity at accept eternal life.
    This reminds me of a sister in my church who lead her Dad, sister and more recently mother to the Lord on their death beds. Thank God for his grace, love and mercy. X

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