Francisco’s Christian Testimony

OK—here it goes—my Christian testimony. As I grew up I struggled with many things. But the biggest struggle was the fact that I was living as a bisexual. Of course I knew it was wrong but I liked the thrill and lust. My parents found out and treated me like I was nothing. Because of this I put all my anger and hatred on God. I grew up hating God and living my life until God showed Himself to me. My father gave me a Bible which I threw and the Bible opened up in the first few pages. I looked and right there the first thing I noticed was, “God loves you. He loves you even when you sin” and underneath that was a new believer’s prayer. I cried my eyes out and prayed, believed and repented. Now I live for God and only God. I don’t get involved in relationships either. All my love goes to God.


One thought on “Francisco’s Christian Testimony”

  1. I pray that God will use you to be a testimony to many who are living a lifestyle that was similar to your’s. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you. Be strong and continue to have faith and trust in God!

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