Linda’s Christian Testimony

Tough as life may get, this is what I have learned: there is a GOD. He sustains me otherwise I would have passed on long ago or got really messed up. My Christian testimony is one of having hope no matter what the problem may be. I have learned that even through the fire or deep waters, God is with me.

I have been short of love, money and fulfillment plenty of times. But God has been there to jump-start my life, in moments when betrayal has pierced my heart and when people I hoped to trust and love turned against me. When I feel ill and see my plans not forthcoming, I know I have a shoulder to cry on–A GOD WHO HAS PLANS FOR MY PROSPERITY AND PLANS TO FULFILL MY HOPES AND FUTURE.

God is my resting place–I would hate to fail him or ever be apart from him.

Life may turn cold but knowing God brings the warmth back. Just as the grass burnt to ashes is restored in the fields–so does his grace upon my life–in Jesus’ name.


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