Nikhil’s Christian Testimony

Praise the Lord! Hi, brothers and sisters in Christ! My name is Nikhil and I am from a Hindu family living in India. Jesus came into my life a few years back when I along with my family wwere in great depression. We were even ready to commit sucide. And I, although being very young (around 15-16), used to live a sinful life with evil desires. There was like a war happening inside me which was driving me mad. I used to hate myself for what I did but I was still driven by evil thoughts. But when I started to know Jesus I realized that Christ was always with me trying to help me but I was refusing him. I went to the Lord, asked for forgiveness and my Lord lifted me up.

I did not even go to proper school. When I was in fifth std I had to leave studies then after a few years I again went to school (in seventh std) but in a few months I had to leave studies again. Then somehow my mom managed to put me back in school directly into tenth. That was when I started to hear about Jesus. I started to pray then and my Lord did miracles in my life. I, who did not even know the subject matter in 10th, passed with distinction. After that, the conditions were not that good for me to study anymore so to date I have not gone to college. But my Lord had something special for me. I started to work before the age of 18 and slowly I was getting close to Christ. By this time I, with my family, started to attend a Christian church and the showers of blessings came on us. I, being only 18 years and 3 months old, was selected for a position in a multinational firm. This was a miracle from the Lord. And honestly, for that job, I did not even meet the minimum criteria. Then, within a span of less than three years, I was promoted two ranks–to an advisor then to a supervisor. During this time I was baptized. I took about a month leave for studies from work. Then I appeared for my twelfth examination without any professional support but with the Lord’s grace I cleared it with first class.

And the most important thing is that I was called by the Lord one day in the afternoon when I just woke up from my sleep. My mom and I heard it crystal clear; someone lovingly calling my name–Nikhil, Nikhil–several times. Friends, the Lord has done mighty things in my life and my family’s life which I am sure I have missed, many while writing this. But one thing I want to say is that Jesus is the only savior and his love for you is true. Today, my mom, my sister and I are saved and living in the Lord’s grace. Especially my mom. She has been called by the Lord as an evangelist spreading the gospel. Do pray for us that we may live for Christ in all his fullness. To God be the glory. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Nikhil’s Christian Testimony”

  1. What a powerful testmony. Yes God comes to us at the right time. Sometimes its so hard waiting on the Lord. So I Imagine that Gid hides me away till he Answers me.

  2. wow! Incredible testimony! I’m so glad God does not choose us based on our “worth”, but rather on the finished work of Jesus. Jesus gets on His knees and digs us out of the pile of rotting filth we are in, He cleans us off and holds us close! No condemnation……. Forgiven!!

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