Short Anonymous Christian Testimony

Here is my Christian testimony.

Jesus is truly great. He helped me in many instances where I most certainly didn’t deserve it. I was a devoted Christian then started to sin after I was baptized . . . not purposefully–it’s just kind of the way it happened. I was always remorseful of all wrongs I have done yet I continued sinning. God gave me some wake-up calls by affecting my health and then healing me thoroughly. Yet after that I still sinned. I went to university and am graduating with first class honors. I am immensely grateful to Jesus and doing my utmost best to live the life Jesus desires of us all. I will continue pray and ask for forgiveness an do my utmost best to resist all temptation. THANK YOU JESUS! FOR EVERYTHING! JESUS IS GREAT! TAKE CARE ALL AND BE SAFE! GOD BLESS.

One thought on “Short Anonymous Christian Testimony”

  1. May God help you through each situation that you are confronted with. God doesn’t allow us to be tested beyond what we can handle – and through each “test”, our foundation is strengthened & we can be overcomers through our Lord Jesus Christ, who already has victory over the enemy’s stranglehold

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