Connie’s Christian Testimony–Freed from Satan’s Grip

I was eighteen years old. The summer was long and boring. One day I decided to purchase a Ouija Board. My friend and I attempted to work the board for about three days. Finally the wedge began to move from letter to letter. There were no clear messages for several days. My friend grew tired and fearful of the board. She decided not to play the game anymore. She would not touch the board again.

The garbled messages only peaked my curiosity. I attempted to move the play the game alone. The first day or two the wedge did not move. Finally, the wedge seemed to come alive moving from letter to letter. The messages were finally clear. The board told me that a spirit came to me through the board. The spirit said it was to be a friend who was to protect me from the dangers in life. It would guide me to a better life because it knew the future.

I spent all my free time with the board. The spirit told me that it loved me and I should let it direct the activities of my life so that my future would be secure and happy. We discussed life and love through the board. It kept promising happiness and security if I would listen and do what it said.

This continued all summer and then it was time to go to college as I planned. I took the Ouija Board with me to school. I spent all my free time with the board and found it cumbersome. I had roommates and it looked weird for me to work the board alone. The spirit suggested through the board that it use my hand for automatic handwriting. I tried that but all I could get was the figure “8” drawn over and over again. I spent all my time tying to get messages. Of course, there was no time for study–I failed out of college. I returned home pale, tired and nervous. I kept communicating with the spirit through the board for the remainder of the year.

Year Two

The spirit suggested through the board that I attempt to let it use my voice. The automatic handwriting did not work since I could only manage to get “8” on a paper. I thought I would try that so I just permitted the spirit to speak through me. I let it use my voice and words started to form. At first gibberish then other words. It would use my voice when I was alone.

During this time I worked at a full-time job. I was not very good at the job because my concentration was bad. The spirit kept wanting my attention — by tapping my finger — attempting to make letters with the movement of my finger. I could keep the spirit from using my voice and the finger movements if I concentrated but it detracted from my concentration.

Year Three

One day the spirit was using my voice–curses and obscenities were being spoken. The cursing and obscenities were about Jesus Christ. I was in shock that these words were coming from my voice. It told me to kill myself. I could feel hatred that I never felt before. This made me step back and look at myself. What kind of spirit was this? What had I done?

I finally took a good look at myself in the mirror. I was pale, tired and nervous. I wanted the spirit to leave. It would not go. The spirit became more aggressive and would fight for control of my voice. I would be talking and sometimes the spirit would speak. I had to control my every word and movement. My hands and arms moved overly fast sometimes. I could not sleep peacefully. The nightmares began of creatures chasing and laughing at me. I slept with a knife under my pillow. I dreaded sleep.

One day my Dad said that he saw a large, ugly devil in our house. He said that he chased the thing and it left through our dining room window. He kept talking about that experience all day. I just made jokes and laughed.

I decided to ask God for help. Who else could help me? Anyone else would probably send me to a mental hospital. I began to pray and fight for control of my mind and body. I always believed that Jesus existed and now it was time to see if Jesus was real. Obviously, the spirit hated Jesus because of it’s cursing of Jesus.

Year Four

I began to gain some control of my mind and body. I decided to ignore the spirit as much as possible and enrolled in a local college. While attending the college, I joined a Christian group called “Campus Crusade For Christ.” The people in that group taught me how to communicate with Jesus. They taught me how to read the Bible and I went to church. The people did not know about the spirit. I was too ashamed to tell them or ask them for help.

I learned how to fight a spiritual battle. I memorized and meditated on scriptures concerning the victory of Jesus over Satan. I claimed the blood of Christ every time the spirit attacked — it was so automatic that I claimed the blood of Jesus in my dreams. One night while sleeping, I woke with a sharp jerk to the muscles of my body. I knew the spirit was gone. My mind was clear and at peace. That was over 25 years ago. The spirit never returned.

I finished college and graduated with the BA Degree in Sociology and minor in Psychology. I thank Jesus every day for saving my life.

Connie Williams

2 thoughts on “Connie’s Christian Testimony–Freed from Satan’s Grip”

  1. Awesome Connie, thank you for sharing. Only through the courage you recieved from your faith in Jesus could you tell that story.

  2. What a powerful testimony, thank you for sharing. I was very involved with many occult things for years as well, and had years of being tormented as well, and many dreams and visions as I started my journey to Jesus, I also dreaded going to sleep because it was always the worst time. Praise God He brought us safely through!! To Him be the glory!!

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