Emory’s Christian Testimony

Something was wrong with my life. I was seventeen. I had enjoyed a wonderful upbringing in a loving family, attended church, worked a part-time job, made decent grades in school, planned to attend college, played lead guitar in a successful rock band, and was very unhappy. Despite the shiny future ahead of me, I felt a deep sense of hopelessness within me. I wasn’t sure what meaning or purpose my life had. I couldn’t bear living with such sadness every day. What was I to do? I began to pray.

A local Christian minister had made an impression on me once when I visited his church. There was something very different about this man that caught my attention. I could tell that he loved people. He went around the community helping the sick, poor, troubled or anyone with a need. He loved people with what seemed like a superhuman love. I wanted to get to the source of this love.

He took the time to sit down with me and answer all my questions about God from the scriptures. He explained that Jesus Christ was a real person sent from God to take the punishment for my sins and that He was actually alive today. I received Him into my life and discovered that He would literally enter me and live in me, my body being a temple for his Spirit. I had just begun a relationship with the Creator of the universe.

The fact that I had believed the words of Jesus and put them into practice made all the difference imaginable. My life took on purpose and depth as I experienced the Savior through faith. Many years of discovery followed. I witnessed powerful miracles as well as painful trials as a Christian. I remain convinced that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and is still alive today.

–Emory Rowland, Founder of Clickfire

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