Raksha’s Christian Testimony

I grew up in a very troubled home. My dad had an affair and mum was always unhappy. I was the eldest and had to take on many responsibilities. I was very troubled and insecure which I carried over to adulthood.

I married at the age of 19. I always felt unwanted by my husband. I started having affairs with different people and lived recklessly. I left my husband many times and there was no end to the problems. I was rejected in the end by each guy I had an affair with and finally my back was up against the wall and I didn’t know where to turn because it hurt so bad to be rejected over and over.

That’s when a friend at work introduced me to Jesus. I turned from my wicked ways and decided to carry my cross and follow Jesus. Ever since my life has never been the same again. My husband and I worked through our marriage and are happily married now. God even blessed us with our own house a year ago. He is good. Praise Him.

4 thoughts on “Raksha’s Christian Testimony”

  1. Praise God, all things work together for good to them that love God n are called according to his purpose.. Romans 8:28

  2. Jesus is the living God.yes,my life too had been a real mess 35 years ago.I remember once a policeman told me ‘for you there is no solution in this world’ after my confrontation with Jesus life had never been the same.now I am a happy man,blessed with a good wife and two daughters.

  3. We bless God! I’m also trusting God for a significant miracle in my academics an trust He is more than able to fulfill it. I want to Thank the Lord for His wonderful works in my life.

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