Lucille’s Christian Testimony

I went to a very judgmental church, and it was very hard to really be myself there. So right before high school I quit going. It was hard because it was my family church but I knew it wasn’t helping me. I was experiencing a lot of trouble and I didn’t feel peace at all. I was very disconnected from God.

Well, high school didn’t help either. In the 9th grade it was pretty decent because I met my best friend Ron. Ron made me very happy and I was secretly in love with him but I didn’t know how to express it. I was still going through many things in my family and within myself.

I finally hit rock bottom in 10th grade. Ron went to another school, so we grew apart. It was and is to this day the worse part of my life. I cut myself at that time. I wanted to die. I completely turned my back on God. I believed He was real, but honestly at that point and time I just didn’t care. I was very depressed. I did many things I’m ashamed of. I cussed like a sailor and I lashed out at people, but what’s really bad is I pushed Ron far away from me because I just didn’t want to deal with life anymore. I thought I didn’t deserve happiness. 10th grade almost took my life completely away.

But God sent me Ron for a reason. We began dating and we decided to go to a judgment house we were invited to by our current youth pastor. It really hit home for me. I knew I didn’t want to go to hell. I wanted eternal life with Jesus, but I had never been a true Christian. I didn’t know what to do but gradually over time I still felt the pulling on my heart so one day in church I got saved. It was a really big step for me and I’ve been a Christian ever since. It hasn’t been easy and I still mess up a lot but I know I have God in my corner. I am now truly happy and Ron and I have been together for well over a year. Jesus is my savior and He has forever changed my life. I know I am still a sinner and I still mess up every day and I will never live up to Jesus but I love Him and I know He is and will always be in my life. Thank the Lord for the cross. It saved a wretch like me.

One thought on “Lucille’s Christian Testimony”

  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony Lucille. You can have MORE than you even have now!
    Ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit-just ask! Luke 11:13 says to ask.
    Paul the Apostle asked some baptized believers, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”
    Then he laid hands on them and all 12 of them spoke in tongues. Acts 19:2,6
    This makes a huge diff & takes 99% of the struggle out of Christian life. Fills one with joy & peace & boldness 2 share the Gospel too.
    I’ve been filled with His Spirit over 38 years!
    I had abusive upbringing & was aetheist for years.
    Keep going to a good Bible Believing church, (Pentecostal churches are generally best, I’ve found, tho I go to Baptist coz there’s not the other near enough 4 me,) pray much & read yr Bible.
    “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”
    Read I Corinthians 14:4 too!
    🙂 Look forward to meeting u & Ron in Heaven one day!
    So glad for the happiness you’ve found in Jesus. xo

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