Justin’s Journey With Christ

Hi, My name is Justin and I’m a Singaporean and would like to share my journey with Christ. I hope that through my story, I can bring someone to Christ or closer to Christ. Your blog is a encouragement tool for all and even for me that I am able to share my life journey with Christ. It gives me great joy and gives me a chance to glorify Jesus and the good things He did for my life.

I grew up in a Catholic background. Over the years, my family started going to a Pentecostal church. This was the period when I started hating Christ. The teachings in the Pentecostal church were that we were not allowed to have any sort of entertainment, e.g., watch television or listen to music. At the age of 10, I started to rebel. I got involved in gangs which lead to extorting money, smoking, gambling, rioting and playing truant. And through it all, deep in my heart, I knew God was with me.

At 22, I got involved in a motorbike accident and my best friend, who was the pillion rider, was killed in that accident. I kept blaming myself for that accident and went into depression. Pastors would pray for me and always said that God has kept me for His purpose.

One day, my church called for an altar call. I didn’t realize that I had been moved forward and as the pastor was praying for me, I heard God speak, “I love you as my own son.” I was back with my Heavenly Father. Each time, there was a setback in my life, and I would backslide.

During the recession period, my father failed in his business. Many pastors prayed and said that we wouldn’t lose the house but we did. But through it all, my parents never lost their trust in God. They started having Bible studies in the rental house where we were staying. I stayed away from God. I hated God.

During this period, I met my wife. She was a Hindu and my parents were against the marriage. We got married and started a family. I was lost. She followed her faith and brought our two daughters to temples and I even fasted the Hindu way. I even went to India on a pilgrimage. But something was not right. I didn’t have peace. I started drinking and smoking and mixed with people who frequented pubs and loved the nightlife. I was asked to join as a partner in a pub as I had many contacts with people who indulged their money on alcohol and women.

My wife and I grew apart. I started to “enjoy” with my newly-found business and soon started an affair. My wife started going to church and in her heart, she had accepted Christ. Everything started to change. I came out of the pub business; my wife started attending church with me and was
baptized. Even then, I didn’t accept Christ. I was seeing all that He was doing and yet because of ego, I kept away. I knew I had to stop my affair but I couldn’t do it. Eventually, my wife found out about the affair. I felt guilty for hurting her but she eventually forgave me. All glory to God for restoring my marriage.

We got back together with my parents and started attending church regularly and we prayed together as a family. We sold our house and bought a new house by God’s grace and were eligible for a property loan for a third time. Praise God!

There were other miracles in my life. I was born a dumb and by God’s grace at the age of 5, after a minor operation, I began to speak a little and now I am cured. I did not have any education qualifications but was offered higher management jobs. I had serious motorbike accidents but God always protected me. I had 2 car accidents. One was serious and and I was not injured. My Father was a Hindu for the past 40-odd years but God spoke to him and he is now in the front line for doing God’s service. I was a alcoholic and by the grace of God, I am now totally free of alcoholism. God has divine plans and for everyone He has a purpose.

At the age of 37, I realize God’s greatness. By God’s grace, I am selected for a missional leadership program and I can use these skills to give and share my journey. Our God forgives no matter how big your sins can be; He loves us. No others can claim this–only JESUS came to this earth to be our sacrifice. Would any one of us if we were kings and prince ever sacrifice our riches and our comfort? No one in his right state of mind would ever forgo such pleasures but Jesus sacrificed everything because He loves us. I can assure you, Jesus loves you more than anyone or anything can love you.

I am not perfect; I still sin because we are after all human but trusting Jesus and His abundance of grace perfects us and washes our every sin. Every trial that He makes us go through is to teach us to be a better person and to glorify His name when you see the miracles He does in your life. Everything that He does will always turn out to be sweet in the end. Put your trust in Him. Everything belongs to Him. He will do great things. Let Christ be the center of your life.

I am proud to say that Christ is the center of my life.

10 thoughts on “Justin’s Journey With Christ”

  1. you shuold not be proud of your faith it is a sin of pride only bwe thankful for your faith and besides that i am a christian also welcome to the family of the billivers

  2. Confused.. I guess you must have left out pieces in order to condense testimony so some parts were a bit confusing but the part where you grew up catholic switched to Pentecostal cuz parents began attending Pentecostal church then you spoke of attending christian services yet then say your dad had been Hindu for 40+ yr ….did you mean father n law?

  3. Thanks bro for sharing I am really blessed. Don’t bother about Jay and Vivian’s comments. Continue boasting about what God has done in your life. It is the work of the holy spirit. To God be the Glory.

  4. Remember to keep your eyes on Jesus!!!! That’s all that matters.
    Hey, Jay,I’m praying for you!!!!!! Search and find the TRUTH!!!

  5. i am glad you are proud to say jesus is the centre of your life! as someone else said, ignore those provocative ones. all blessings to you in christ our lord, justin.

  6. Hallelujah!!!! Yay God! He is the absolute best and I am very happy he is the center of your life. It truly is the only way! Also glad we share the same name… Justin

  7. I’m also glad that you said your son because you said Jesus is the center of your life and so you’re not a sinner you’re a son and if you make a mistake it doesn’t change your sonship or your identity

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