The Crush–Jason’s Christian Testimony

My mother and father divorced when I was at a very young age. I was too young at the time to understand why they divorced. So I was not upset by it. However, later my mother searched for other relationships with men. Some of the men turned out to be abusive and controlling. As a result, escaping into fantasy such as comic books and role playing games became a very important part of my life. Also, although she broke away from these destructive men, at that time in my life I vowed that I would never treat a girl that way–no matter how bad things got.

Many years later in high school, I met a friend who was into comic books like me. I remember arguing in a parking lot late at night with him that there was no such thing as God. Evolution and science alone held the answers to our origins–not some silly religion. I said these things at the time because I had a strong crush on my science teacher. I believed whatever my teacher taught in the textbooks in school and I did not question it. After all, how could someone I admired be wrong, especially when this was being taught in the majority of schools nationwide?

A few months later, I attended another high school where I met a girl. The moment I met her it was like the heavens had opened up and had shown me an angel. I had an immediate crush on her. In fact, this was not a one-time feeling. My feelings for her intensified many months later when she showed that she did not care about being seen talking to a fat person sitting by himself drawing in the school cafeteria. She came over to me and was actually interested in what I was doing. So I made it my mission to lose weight from that point on. As a result, over the summer I went from 228 to 155. I completely transformed my appearance to impress her. However, I never had the courage to tell her to go out with me over her current boyfriend. I was told that she was a Christian. However, at the time, I had no idea what that truly meant.

Not long after high school graduation, I ended up taking a job in fast food. The funny thing is that I met another girl who I had an immediate crush on yet again. Not only was she beautiful, but she was genuinely nice, kind, and caring. The way she worked with others and her ability to turn others’ attitudes around was amazing to me. However, she believed in the Bible and was a Christian. But despite this, she inspired me. I wanted to be as happy as her, dealing with customers and co-workers in an amazing way like her. So I did. In fact, my personality and endeavors in “fast food drive-thru” even got me on the radio station briefly. I still wanted to be more like her though.

Anyway, one day while working “drive-thru” I received a little mini comic book. I put the comic in my pocket to read it later at home when I had time to relax. When I came home and took a shower, I read it. What I read in that little comic over the course of a few minutes transformed my life in an instant. I had read God’s plan of salvation for my life. I realized that I was a sinner and was lost and that I needed a savior. This was “the thing” I wanted that the girl I had a crush on had. She had a relationship with Jesus (God Almighty)! This is what I was truly missing in my life. After accepting Jesus in prayer (according to the suggestion in the comic), it was like a thunderbolt had hit me. It was like a light had gone off inside me and I was transformed. I immediately felt on fire for God and I preached God’s Word to all my family and friends. In fact, I even helped revive my best friend in his Christian faith (who was also into comics) and we both sent the gospel message out for the Lord and studied the scriptures by reading the Bible and Christian books.

However, many years later, my best friend and I both unfortunately succumbed to the ways of this world. We were both still young and we did not want to worry about money. So we focused on how to get rich and started a business together. However, our business venture did not really pay off in the long run. So, a few years later we decided to focus on our artistic talents and get involved in independent film making. We helped to create two secular independent local films together. One is completed and available on a self-produced DVD and the other is still in post-production. But at the time God was still talking to my heart. He wanted me to get back to the days when I first accepted the Lord and was spreading the gospel for His kingdom. He wanted me to be on fire for Him. I knew what was true and good and I wanted to get myself right with the Lord again. However, I was stuck in the quicksand or the quagmire of life’s temptations. I was wandering around in the wilderness looking for the promised land. In fact, one thing I was still looking for was (of course) a girl. A girl who I could have a connection with. In fact, I never really dated much because I was looking for that “right person.” I did talk with a girl online for a really long time. However, she was not a Christian. This was the one thing that prevented me from wanting to meet her in person. Although I cared for her, I also prayed for a true soulmate during this time in my life–someone who understood me completely. I wanted someone who was a Christian that I could marry and be happy with as the Lord intended. I knew the scriptures and I knew that God did not want me to be unevenly yoked (or mismatched). I also knew this was one of the reasons why my mother and father’s relationship didn’t work. Anyway, I threw a prayer out to the Lord on occasion looking for my true soulmate and never really thought much about it.

Many years later, in September of 2010, I was contacted by an amazing, lovely and beautiful young woman halfway across the globe through a Christian dating site I had been on since 2004. After talking with her online for the first time, I instantly knew without a doubt that she was God’s gift to me. In fact, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to fly to her country and meet with her two times this past year. In fact, we are planning on getting married and want to start a family in the Lord together. In other words, I knew it was God’s way of answering my prayers. Her love and passion for the Lord had brought me back to the Lord at full throttle again! I am on fire for God again and I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing me back into His tender loving relationship and plan for my life. Each day now has become so beautiful. Sure, there are challenges still! But I am truly happy again! I am happy in the Lord! I am at peace! My life is led by the Lord and the truth of His Word and not some lie that the world would want me to believe or follow. I know I am right with God. And nothing could make me happier. Trust me. The ways of this world do not have much to offer me. Sure, I can build a company and become famous and rich and help other people without God (building treasures upon this earth instead of in heaven). Sure, I can eventually have an amazing worldly relationship with a nice girl without God. Sure, I can live my life to the fullest and still do a lot of good without God and enjoy the pleasures of this life. But what about the peace of my soul? What about God? What about His plan for my life? Does that count?

This is what I encourage you to find out. Seek the truth out about God and His Word (the Bible). Seek to follow Him and love Him according to His Word and not some man-made religion or some false interpretation of scripture. Because Jesus (God Almighty) loved you enough to die for you and your sins and save you from a horrible fate in the afterlife. He died to have a personal loving relationship with you. Just call upon Him in prayer and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and then ask Him to take control of your life. If you have ever had a crush on another person in your life like I had, I can tell you that having a loving relationship with the Lord is all that and more. So please–answer the cell phone call that has been ringing upon your heart from God. I know that if you pick up the phone and talk to Jesus (God Almighty) about your salvation with an open and broken heart, He will give you so much more than what the rest of this world could ever offer you.

May the love and peace of the Lord shine upon you today.

And I pray that my testimony is inspiring to you.



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  1. What an unshakable joy we have in walking with an upright heart before HIM, whose love is uncomparable to any other love we have known or yet to see. Truly feeling inspired my dear brother in christ! “Stir it up in our hearts god, stir it up in our hearts god, stir it up in our hearts god a passion for your name!” 🙂

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