Did Paul Know of the Virgin Birth?

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Did Paul Know of or believe in the virgin birth?

Tim’s Answer
I think there are two passages that, while not directly addressing the virgin birth, provide some indirect support to the position that Paul knew of and believed in the virgin birth. In Galatians 4:4 Paul states that Christ was born of a woman, an interesting statement given that it is given apparently in reference to prophetic fulfillment and the timing of God. At least I would argue that such is what Paul had in mind. Stating that Christ was born of a woman stands in such sharp contrast to the normal genealogy of Hebrew thought where everyone is traced back through the fathers.

The second passage is 1 Timothy 2:15 where Paul states that the woman would be saved in “the childbearing,” speaking of one specific birth, at least that is how I read the passage since there is a singular word preceded by a definite article. In this passage, there is a contrast between men and woman made and Paul links the Child birth only to the woman.


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