Women as Leaders in the Church

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What do you think of women as leaders or pastors? Is this Scriptural?

Tim’s Answer
Here’s a short answer. If you want the long answer, you can read this paper.

I do not think women should be pastors or church leaders over men, but they may fulfill the role of pastors or leaders over women and children. However, I believe in charity in this position. For instance, I recently shared a funeral service with a woman Methodist pastor and did not make any issue of it. God uses women tremendously. However, given the primacy of Scripture in such matters, and the fact that I want my thinking to submit to His rather than the other way around, I think Scripturally, for the reasons set forth in the attached paper, that women should not be pastors or leaders within the church over men. I have no similar reservation with respect to women leading or teaching in other venues of life, neither do I think God does. The respective roles within the family and within the church seems to be linked back to creation. But I would hasten to say this. I believe it is worse for a man to be abusive of his position than it would be for a women to lead or teach. And I think God sees this the same way.


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