Is There Really Such a Thing As Demonic Possession?

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What is really happening when demons or evil spirits inhabit someone’s body?

Tim’s Answer

Demonic activity in a person’s life can take many forms. In the New Testament, sometimes a person was ill and Jesus simply healed them. Other times, He cast out a demon and they were restored (Matthew 17:15-18). So it is possible that some illnesses may come from the work of demons. Sometimes, the demons took complete control of the person, as they did with the Gadarene demoniac and used his life to cause others to fear (Mark 5:1-5). Sometimes demons can be found in the messages people proclaim (1 Timothy 4:1-5), when those messages are counter to what Christ and His apostles taught.

I have heard accounts of demons doing all sorts of things in and through people. But I have not been an eyewitness to such matters and have not been able to verify such claims.

However, the focus of Scripture is not on what demons can do, but on what God has done and can do. Whatever demons can do, they are restrained by the hand of God. One ministry Christ had was to cast demons out of people. He gave that ministry to His Apostles as well. I believe that followers of Christ have power over demons today. The Spirit of God in us is greater than any power in this world (1 John 4:4). We, as His people, should not fear demons, but should fear God alone.

I hope this helps.

A fellow pilgrim on this earth,

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