Jesus Used Marijuana!

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Jesus Used Marijuana! At least I think . . .

I have seen some people asking about marijuana and seems to me that all of your responses are very closed-minded. You folks are not perfect and if you aren’t ready to open your heart to what people are saying then you will never help them find true joy. Next time somebody asks you about marijuana I want you to actually listen to what they are saying and respond directly to their thoughts and opinions. Don’t try to take them off subject and tell them that it’s not only depressed people who smoke herb. Jesus used marijuana. His head was anointed with it. He passed it out freely and taught people not to be slaves to it but to use it as medicine. God created marijuana for His purpose and it has been stolen from Him by Satan. It’s time for us to take it back for Him, and if you keep trying to cover up the truth and divert peoples attention from the subject at hand then you are not ready to change yourself. And if you aren’t ready to change yourself you will never be able to help others change. I can see that you want to help but you need to clean the hate from your heart.

Tim’s Answer

>I read with interest your email. I would encourage you to find a Bible. You can read one online if you would like. The Bible is composed of 66 different books. Find in the Bible where the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are located, and read them. These are known as the four gospels because they tell us about the life of Jesus. They were written in the first century. Jesus lived in the first century. These are the only accounts we have of the life of Jesus. I think you will find that the life of Jesus did not revolve around marijuana. This may be a surprise to you. But the purpose of Jesus was to save us from our sins by dying on our behalf. He also calls those who seek to gain eternal life to deny themselves, and take up their cross, and follow Him. His message was not that we should maximize our joy on this earth; rather, it was that we should focus on the life to come. He warns about those who gain the world and lose their own souls. He warns about those who seek to save their lives now and lose it ultimately. He also speaks about those who expend their lives now and gain ultimately. He tells us to lay up our treasures in heaven, and not on this earth. He teaches that eternal life comes from those who place their complete trust in Him.

You say Jesus used marijuana. Really? How do you know this? What are your sources?

Today, everyone seems to have their own understanding of what Jesus did and taught. And if our thoughts could make reality, we would all have a different Jesus. However, no one gets to know a person by imagining what they may be like. We get to know people by reading what they wrote, or reading accurate accounts of what others wrote about them, or by spending time with them. So it is with Jesus. The Muslims have their views of Jesus, as do the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, and even atheists. The Christian view is grounded in the Holy Scriptures, which we view as sacred writings by those who knew Jesus personally or were close acquaintances of those who knew Jesus personally. I would encourage you to go back to those sources, and read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Only then will you be able to understand why my focus and the focus of Christians is on a truth far deeper than the use or non-use of marijuana. The focus is on eternal life as taught by Christ. And our desire is that not only you, but that all people would find that eternal life which exists only in Jesus Christ. Then, you will understand the blessedness that Christians possess, a blessedness not based on mind-altering substances, but on a real and uniquely enriching relationship with the God of the universe.

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Jesus used marijuana! Didn't He?

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  1. Good response Tim. I wonder where all these people get ideas from since most don’t own a Bible much ever read it. I wonder what their belief would be if they put as much time in studying God’s word as they do in strange and weird belief’s from other people. I have found in my life people are not very smart – an individual can be smart but people as the whole follow whimsical ideas. Our scientist have provided us with wonderful knowledge though the years (my life time) and then a number of years down the road they say they were wrong and give us a new bit of knowledge. Only God knows how things work – He created it! I pray for those who have taken on some of this weird stuff that they might finally know the truth! When America was great it was a God fearing and trusting nation look what has happened to us since we have followed weird ideas and beliefs. God Bless

  2. The bible is the source for proving Jesus used Cannabis and also Moses and the Prophets.. Cannabis was called Kaneh Bosem or Kaneh Bos in Hebrew and there is archeological evidence that proves the Hebrews burned Cannabis in the Temples during worship. Cannabis is a known remedy for a many number of aliments including vision problems, leprosies, and epilepsy. If you were really following the truth you would see the evidence overwhelmingly in the bible.. Every time ‘sweet incense’, Calamus, or holy anointing oil is used it contains the Cannabis plant. It is sacred herb and brings peace and enlightenment to all who use it. God even gave it 7 leaves after his work in shaping the world.

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