The United States and Biblical Prophecy

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Hello! I wanted to know if there is an exact prophecy in the Bible on what is to become of the United States. It seems that the majority of the country has turned its back on God. Any information you have is appreciated.

Tim’s Answer
The Bible never mentions the United States in prophecy. There is a possibility that Ezekiel 38:13 may be referencing the young lions of Tarshish. Tarshish was a land out past the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibralter and some have seen this mention as being a reference to England and the countries that came from England. But I think that is a stretch. For us, America is the center of the world and the most powerful country on earth. I think, however, in God’s eyes, Israel is the center of the world and the power of a nation does not make it important to God. My best assumption is that the United States will decline in power or become isolationist, or may implode after the rapture (I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture), or maybe even before. I find it heartening, however, that apparently it is not seen as a country that attacks Israel.

I do not believe that America is the Babylon of Revelation 18, as some believe. I think such speculation has no support from history or Scripture. America’s role, if any, in the end times, has not been revealed to us.

As for the trend in the United States, there is both bad news and good news. The bad news is that evil seems to be expanding. The good news is that Christ’s church is also expanding. It has always been true that the many will reject Christ and the few will follow Him by faith. Jesus said this would be the situation. I acknowledge that there seems to be a downward trend in morality. But a moral person is not necessarily a Christian. I do not know if there are more or fewer true followers today than 20, 30 or 50 years ago. I know Christianity is more the subject of news than it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago. More people believe in heaven and hell, God and Satan, than they have at any time since polls began to be taken. I think there are unprecedented opportunities to present Jesus Christ today.

In any case, we are to be faithful to Him, as good stewards of Christ. The role of Christians in America remain the same as Christians in the rest of the world. We are to bear witness to Jesus and live out a life rich in good works and with a strong faith toward God, relying on Him in everything.

Thanks for the question.


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  1. Greetings.
    Very well written, clear and to the point. I love this country and hope that it will not turn away from God. But in the end I love my Redeemer more. May God bless America and Jesus is Lord!

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