Will I Go to Heaven?

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My worry of not making it to heaven is literally transforming my life. Every day I worry. I’ve called Jesus mean, horrible things–even evil things, but I don’t mean them. They just pop into my head. I just don’t think I will go to heaven. I’ve looked up near death experiences . . . people who say they went to hell talk about being tortured, hearing screams, and other horrible things. I’ve been looking on the Internet for hours hoping to get help. I keep worrying I’ve committed the unpardonable sin. I’m worried sick.

Tim’s Answer
Relax. Jesus did not die on the cross to send us to hell. And none of us are perfect. He has promised salvation to everyone who comes to Him. So, anytime you sin, I encourage you to turn back to Him with those simple words “I have sinned” and then ask Him to restore you. If you think this is too simple, please read Hosea 14.

I understand what you mean about bad thoughts coming into your head. One of the disturbing things we learn as we grow is that the mind is capable of great evil. One of the delightful things we learn is that we can control the mind. We can discipline the mind so as not to dwell on things that are evil and to think about the things that are good. Just as we discipline our bodies for sports, we can discipline our mind for right thinking. School does this to some extent. But I encourage you to spend time memorizing Scripture. If you seek to hide the Word in your heart, you will find assistance within to avoid sin (Psalm 119:9-11). Also, when bad thoughts come in, purposely turn your thoughts to think about what is good (the Word, prayer, the beauty around, etc.) (Philippians 4:8).

Certainly, sin can be disheartening. But the God who created us knows our weaknesses (Psalm 103). His great delight is taking us in our weaknesses and transforming us into the image of Christ. This does not happen overnight. But the more we stare at Jesus, the more like Jesus we become.

As we wrote earlier, a focus on whether you committed the unpardonable sin is simply unhelpful. You never find any of the Scriptural writers telling people in their churches that because they had committed the unpardonable sin, there was no hope for them. Such is simply never the thought process of Scripture. Rather, everyone, everywhere, can hope in the God who is mercy. In fact, God delights in those who hope in His mercy (Psalm 147:11). Re-read Luke 15 in case you have any question of Jesus’ view towards sinners who return to Him.

I encourage you to trust Christ, and Him alone, for your salvation. It is not our works of righteousness or unrighteousness that determine our destiny. Rather, it is our hope and trust in Him (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5). Look at Hebrews 11:6, in case you have any doubt. Seek Him when you have sinned and when you have served well. And thank God for being faithful to all of His wayward sheep, and for delighting in their return home.

one who also has been forgiven much,


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  1. And one more thing I might mention to put you at ease…quit worry you committed the unpardonable…because if you had you most like would not even be worried about it..Ive been there myself a few times and even though I am always being tried and tempted….our Lord is always right there with me….even though you might not think so..yo learn so much from being alone in the wilderness. Like Tim said….one key thing is to Trust Christ and know that He will never forsake you…He paid a very high price for us and He won’t let us down……another who has been been forgiven much…so much its unreal!!

      1. The passage on the unforgiveable sin is abouit unbelievers, not believers. There is an extent to which unbelievers sin that there is no longer any forgiveness available. You faith alone in Christ alone provide forgiveness of sins past, present and future for eternal life. 4 temporal sins:1jn1:9.

      2. What if you want to repent but feel you cannot. You feel guilty of some sins and hurt that it hurts God but you feel empty and hard hearted and disconnected and doomed still. Like how does one even know if they’ve committed this and they aren’t going through a silent season.

  2. Also consider these verses as the Holy Spirit may be convicting us to get back on track: luke 13:23-24 john 15 the whole counsel of God, not just parts Matt 6:33 With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible. Striving is not ‘resting’. We have a suit of armor (Eph 6) because we are in a battle for our lives…yes eternally too…if it weren’t so there would be no warnings that even the elect can be deceived. Revelation ch 2 and 3 would not have to be written…it is not a ‘restful’ but rather a fight to win the race to the end. There is rest when we abide and continue on without fainting. Gal 6:9 Balance is critical or we teach Truth in part and it becomes lukewarm and useless. Hosea 4:6 You have a nice website, and I see your heart is in the right place. God bless you as you continue to strive for Him and wearing your suit of armor to protect you from the evil attacks, never weary for in due season you’ll reap the benefits …keep abiding, it proves your love for Him as you do the will of the Father. <3 You might want to ask why you do not like my sharing…it is just the other side of Jesus' teaching. Ask Him.

  3. When seeking to know God more, I found that he is faithful, compassionate, caring, loving and I could go on forever. Each person has to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. If you seek to know God more, you will come to realise that he is fighting for us! He wants us to be victorious. It is so easy to be fearful for the wrong reasons. Don’t focus on hell, rather focus on aligning your will with God’s will. When you focus on the right fear (seeking God’s will and living it) and not the wrong fear (going to hell) then thoughts of your salvation will immediately transfer into God’s hands and does God want you to go to hell? Definitely not. God is for you, not against you! Change your heart condition; all is done according to your faith.

  4. I am a member of a local evangelical church, after a short while i was baptised by water in front of the all the church members, it was truly a very full filling experience, but i was warned about spiritual warfare in my self, sure enough this did happen, but the stronger the temptation came the stronger my faith grew, praise the LORD

  5. See Philippians 1:6 and 2:13. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it until the Day of the Lord Jesus! He is at work in you both to want to and to work His will. God promises that if we believe Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh and receive His free gift of forgiveness for sins (past, present and yes, even future), then the Holy Spirit immediately comes to live in us. “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. Satan tries to accuse, condemn and frighten believers, but God died for us while we were dead spiritually in our sins, and considered as His enemies. Almighty God has that much love for you, you are a delight to Him now. Because of your faith in Christ Jesus, you are His new creation.

  6. I’d also encourage you to remember that only God is worthy. He will comfort and strengthen you in that knowledge. God bless!

  7. Even blasphem against Jesus Christ can be forgiven, he said such. But don’t blasphame the holy spirit.

  8. Coming back to the Lord after “messing up our lives” is harder which creates all these doubts. I have been battling this for a long time now . I continually have feelings I blasphemed the holy spirit and or that God left me . A life without God is not worth living and I would not ever choose to backslide again:(

  9. Dear m,
    I too have experienced much guilt in the area of blasphemy. I encourage you to remember that God will forgive you if you ask and I am pasting a link to an excellent resource below. You probably haven’t blasphemed the Holy Spirit if you are actually worried about it.


  10. Everyone that replied to that question, I have been struggling about this for a while. I try to find God, but sometimes it’s hard. I really long to have a relationship with him, and sometimes I fear I won’t be able to be in heaven with him. They say “If you take all the water on earth, and let it fall out one drop at a time until it’s empty, that is the first day of Eternity. That scares me. I don’t want to not be with God and my family! I just hope I can find the courage and mindset to…

  11. If you had committed Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and were guilty of the Eternal Sin. You wouldn’t be part of the Good Shepherds Flock you wouldn’t be here asking the questions that you are asking. And you wouldn’t be drawn to Christ because the father wouldn’t allow it. But you are here and asking. Because the love of Christ is in you we are his sheep and the good shepherd gives salvation. Always. Hold fast to Christ promises and gospel my brothers and sisters. Peace be with you, Amen!

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