Is the Peace Sign Bad?

Does the peace sign represent something evil?

The peace sign represents an inverted, broken cross! So say some people. Others see it as a symbol for nuclear disarmament. Most people, today, see it as the universal symbol for peace.

Is the peace sign something evil?

Find out what we think in our article:

Is the Peace Sign Bad?

4 thoughts on “Is the Peace Sign Bad?”

  1. I don’t understand if it’s bad why people wear it for peace and non-violence belief.

    I have a tshirt that i wear and it’s colorful and purchased it in Padre Island for fun, and some lady told me it was bad to wear the tshirt with peace sign, that it was not a good thing to wear or show. I was so upset, i told coworkers and they just told me not to worry about her, that it was not a sign of satanic or evil things. It was for peace and non-violence. I wore it for fun and unity.

  2. Of couse we will never know I was just looking things up and what I think to your self peace on earth then it is peace if u think of it as satain lucafer devil then it’s the deveil or if u think of it as a butt hole it’s a butt hole just wear it proud

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