Outline of Esther

This short overview and outline of Esther will hopefully enhance your study of God’s Word. May you discover His character as you investigate the pages of His letter to you.

Esther is an interesting book. Though it never mentions God by name, the book deals exclusively with God’s working through the lives of people. It is the story of a Jewish girl who became the queen of Persia. It is the story of a good man who was hated without cause. It is the story of a wicked man whose schemes backfired. The story has all of the drama and suspense of a modern novel. Yet, it is an ancient account of how God saved the Jews from destruction. The book gives us the beginning of Purim, a feast celebrated in the last month of the Jewish religious year, corresponding with our March.

Ahasuerus is generally linked to Xerxes I (486-464 B.C.) The events of the book then correspond to 483 to 473 B.C.

Divisions: The book of Esther may be divided as follows:

I Esther’s Rise 1-2:18

  1. Ahasuerus’s big 180 day feast 1:1-4
  2. Ahasuerus’s little 7 day feast 1:5-9
  3. Queen Vashti demoted 1:10-22
  4. Ahasuerus searches for a new queen 2:1-4
  5. Esther found and prepared 2:5-11
  6. Esther chosen as queen 2:12-18

II. Mordecai Foils a Plot 2:19-23

III. Haman’s Plot 3

  1. Mordecai will not bow 3:1-4
  2. Haman hatches an evil plot to annihilate all Jews 3:4-15

IV. Esther’s Plan 4-5

  1. Mordecai mourns 4:1-3
  2. Esther talks with Mordecai 4:4-17
  3. Esther goes before the king 5:1-7
  4. Esther plans a feast with Haman and the king 5:8
  5. Haman rejoices and rages 5:8-14

V. Divine Insomnia 6

  1. Ahasuerus can’t sleep and reads how Mordecai saved his life 6:1-2
  2. Ahasuerus wants to honor Mordecai 6:3-5
  3. Haman gives the king an excellent plan for “the man the king delights to honor” (thinking it’s himself) 6:6-9
  4. Haman honors Mordecai (grudingly) 6:10-14

VI. Haman’s Woe 7

  1. The feast with Ahasuerus, Esther, and Haman 7:1-5
  2. Haman is found out and hanged on his own gallows 7:6-10

VII. Jew’s Escape 8-9:17

VIII. Feast of Purim 9:18-32

VIII. Mordecai’s Exaltation 10

Key Word: Is the one not mentioned. “God.”

Key Passage: Esther 4:14

Key Lesson: There is a Purpose in God’s Plan.

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