Outline of Malachi

Malachi may be known as the rhetorical prophet. Check out our overview and outline of Malachi here.

It’s finally done. We’ve finally posted outlines of every book of the Bible.

I recently formatted and uploaded Tim’s outline of Malachi.

Malachi appears to be a contemporary of Nehemiah, prophesying approximately 70 years after the end of Zechariah’s prophecy, and the last prophet in Old Testament Scripture. Malachi apparently prophesied while Nehemiah was in Babylon (Nehemiah 13:6), and addresses some similar sins.

Read the rest of our overview and outline of Malachi here.

Ezra Outline and Nehemiah Outline . . .

An outline of Ezra and an outline of Nehemiah, two Old Testament books.

We’ve recently (like a few minutes ago) added two new outlines to truthsaves. Each gives a brief overview of the book and a brief outline of the main points of the book. The outlines are on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We’ve (well, Tim has) finished Old Testament outlines up through Jeremiah. I simply have to get them formatted (which will take me a bit of time) for the site. So keep checking back in the next few days and you’ll see some new outlines.

See the outline of Ezra here.

See the outline of Nehemiah here.