Marijuana in Scripture

Question from a Site Viewer
I have come across the question of marijuana use in the Bible. There are a lot of people claiming to be Christians that are using Scripture to justify the use of marijuana. How do you defend that subject?

Tim’s Answer
You state that there are Christians who use Scripture to justify the use of marijuana.  There are also people who claim to know Christ and use Scripture to justify everything from racial hatred towards others to turning a deaf ear to the cries of the immigrant and the poor.  Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord,” will enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 7:21).

Paul tells us in Titus 1:16 that there are people who profess to know God but in their works they deny Him.  I say this, not to state that everyone who uses marijuana is going to hell, but to say that people have long twisted the words of Scripture to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

There are two fundamental ways of approaching Scripture.  The first way is to seek to find in Scripture support for what we want to do.  The second way is to seek to find in Scripture how we should be changed (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).  For those who follow the first way, I suspect there is nothing that I or others can say to change their minds.  For those who follow the second, I offer the following.

Scripture never mentions marijuana directly.  You will not find it on the pages of either the Hebrew or the Greek texts.  But then, neither are oranges, bananas, peaches, asparagus, spinach, artichokes, potatoes, tomatoes, rosary peas, castor beans (perhaps the most poisonous plant known to man), yews, poison ivy, poison oak, and numerous other plants both good and bad for health.

There are some who see Exodus 30:23 as a direct reference to marijuana.  They cite Sula Benet, an etymologist from Poland who concluded in 1936 that the Hebrew words “q’nah-bosem” found at Exodus 30:23 were etymologically related to “cannabis” and then reached the further conclusion that the anointing oil included marijuana.  She noted the similarities with words from other Middle Eastern language groups.  She noted that the word could be used to reference a reed plant or a hemp plant, but she reached the definite conclusion that in the Exodus passage it meant the hemp plant.  (I realize this was not the main point of her treatise, but it is the point that most impacts the present debate.)  Others have stated that the Hebrew University supports this view, although no one apparently has been able to come up with a definitive source at that university for this statement.  If you check out the Wikipedia article on cannabis (etymology), Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University suggests a different etymology for the word “cannabis.”  [Please note that people differ on the way to transliterate the relevant Hebrew words (to show the Hebrew word using English characters).  I use “q’nah-bosem” for the passage in Exodus (the only place where the basic Hebrew word “qaneh” appears with the Hebrew word “bosem”) and “qaneh” elsewhere.  Some might use “kaneh” or other transliterations.  The underlying Hebrew word “qof,” “nun,” “hey” (the three letters of the Hebrew alphabet used for “qaneh”) remains the same.]

In my view Dr. Benet’s evidence falls far short of proving the conclusion that “q’nah-bosem” was marijuana.  The problem with her conclusion is at least seven-fold.  First, there are no clear references that I have been able to find to cannabis in ancient Hebrew before the time of the Mishnah.  The word “qaneh” is not associated with traditional aspects of hemp, either as rope, medicinal use, food use, or narcotic use in any of the ancient Hebrew texts, at least that I can find.  Given this paucity of evidence, I do not think that anyone is able to reach a definite conclusion that the Hebrew word “q’nah-bosem” was a reference to cannabis.

Second, the fact that the Mishnah used a different word spelled with different Hebrew characters to reference marijuana lends support to a conclusion that the rabbis did not think that the word “q’nah-bosem” was a reference to marijuana.  This is not a situation where the words “qaneh” and “bosem” ceased to exist and were replaced by “qanabos.”  The words “qaneh” and “bosem” continued to be used by Hebrew writers at the same time that “qanabos” came into the Hebrew vocabulary.  And the words “qaneh” and “bosem” in post Biblical writings are not associated with hemp.  Dr. Benet’s thesis that “q’nah-bosem” over time became “qanabos” is undermined by this continued use of “qaneh” and “bosem” to mean something other than “qanabos.”

Third, the support for linking “qanabos” to “q’nah-bosem” is not particularly strong.  Of the six letters in the two Hebrew words “q’nah-bosem” (Hebrew words do not include the vowels), that is, the letters “qof,” “nun,” “hey,” “bet,” “shin,” and “mem,” only three of them appear in the word “qanabos.” The letters shared are qof, nun, and bet.  The letters hey, shin, and mem are not shared.  Further, the word “qanabos” contains the letters “vav” and “samech,” letters not contained in the earlier “q’nah-bosem.”  Given that three letters from the earlier word are left out and two letters are supplied, in a five letter word, does not provide great confidence to me that the source word for “qanabos” is “q’nah-bosem,” even if the sounds are somewhat the same.   While I acknowledge that the loss of the “hey” and the inclusion of the “vav” may be due to shifts in spelling, and while I acknowledge that the letters “shin” and “samech” sometimes cross over into each other’s territory, I am at a loss to explain the loss of “mem.”  The “mem” in “bosem” is not a plural or other additive to a stem as it is in “elohim,” as some sites wrongly state.  It is the basic stem of the word.

But an even bigger problem exists when one realizes how shaky the historical connection really is.  Once, in the 15th century B.C., if one accepts a traditional dating for Moses, or in the 5th or 6th century B.C., if one accepts a post-exilic view of the dating for the Torah, the term “q’nah-bosem” is used.  This is the only use of this term ever cited.  The term does not appear again in ancient Hebrew.  Somewhere around 200 A.D., in the Mishnah the word “qanabos” appears in the tractate Kil’ayim and in the tractate Nega’im.  There is no evidence that the term “q’nah-bosem” or any intermediate forms of the term were ever used by the Hebrews during the intervening 7 to 17 centuries between the time the term was used in Exodus and when the new term appeared in the Mishnah.  But we are asked to believe that the similarities of sounds in a word used centuries before supports a conclusion that it was the derivative of the word “qanabos.”  Borrowing from the prophets, this is a shaky reed.  To make matters worse, Dr. Benet ignores the most obvious source of “qanabos,” that is, the Greek word “cannabinos” widely used at that time to mean “hemp” (Liddell and Scott, Greek-English Lexicon, published by Oxford press).  The Mishnah was composed when the prevalent language in the area was Greek.  Speculation this thin is hardly the stuff to warrant hard conclusions.

Fourth, as a general rule, one can spot foreign words in ancient Hebrew by the number of letters in the stem of the word.  The Hebrew language is marked by words with three letter stems.  Both “qaneh” and “bosem” have three letter stems.  the word “qanabos” is a five letter stemmed word.  As such, the possibility of a foreign origin for the word must be seriously explored.  Given that the word in the surrounding culture for marijuana was “cannabinos,” it seems more likely to me that the Hebrew “qanabos” is simply a transliteration of the Greek word into the Hebrew language, rather than a derivative of an older Hebrew form.

Fifth, cannabis or hemp has long been a source of rope and yet the words for rope or cord in the Hebrew have no correlation to the term “qaneh.”

Sixth, Dr. Benet’s speculation is perhaps the best an etymologist can do, but it is hardly “proof” of the conclusion that “q’neh-bosem” is the source for “qanabos.”  Several web sources state that Dr. Benet’s conclusions were confirmed by the Hebrew University in 1960; but no one seems to be able to say who at the Hebrew University provided the confirmation.  Hebrew University is a big place.  Unverifiable facts do not build credence to claims.  As stated above, Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University suggests a different etymology, though he is far more cautious in asserting that his conclusion is the definitive statement on the issue (

Seventh, even if the modern word “qanabos” should be properly traced back to the words “q’nah-bosem,” a position I do not accept for reasons stated in this article, the conclusion that the ancient meaning of “q’nah-bosem” was cannabis is a leap.  This is especially true given the continued use of “qaneh” in Hebrew to mean something different than “qanabos.”  Word etymology is interesting, but hardly conclusive as to what a word meant in ancient times.  Our modern word “dynamite” comes from a Greek word “dunamis,” but one should never read “dunamis” in the New Testament and think the ancient author meant “dynamite.”  Even within languages, the meanings of words change.  One would be foolish to transpose the modern usage of the word “gay” to its intended meaning in 18th century documents.  The modern word “matzpun” in Hebrew means “conscience,” but the ancient Hebrew word meant “treasure.”  The word did not slowly change into another meaning.  The modern word meaning “conscience” entered the Hebrew vocabulary in the Middle Ages as a new word, displacing the old word of the same spelling.  This and other examples of changes in meaning in Hebrew words can be found in an article by Professor E. Y. Kutscher, Professor of Hebrew Philology at Hebrew University (  Even if one were to accept Dr. Benet’s conclusions as the etymological source for the modern word “cannabis,” which I do not, I have found no evidence, outside of what I see as a weak conclusion drawn from etymology, that the word “qaneh” ever meant hemp in ancient Hebrew.  However, the fact that the word can mean the reed plant seems to be admitted by all, including Dr. Benet.

Outside of these seven reasons to question Dr. Benet’s conclusion, the ace in the stack of evidence continues to be the Septuagint.  In the third century before the time of Christ, the Hebrew Torah was translated into the Greek in Alexandria, Egypt.  The Jews who did the translation used the word “calamou” to translate the words “q’nah-bosem.”  If the Jews who did the translation thought that the anointing oil was made of “cannabinos,” the word at that time that meant “hemp,” (Liddell and Scott), they would not have used “calamou.”  “Calamos” (the nominative form of the word “calamou”) is a reed plant.  Later scholars in the second and first centuries before Christ, as they translated out the remainder of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek, also continued to use “calamos” to translate the word.

Moreover, a second factor against the Benet hypothesis is that Josephus, who lived in the first century A.D., also refers to the spice as “calamus,” which he calls a sweet spice.  Again, Josephus clearly does not see the spice as “cannabinos,”” the Greek word for hemp.

Dr. Benet addresses this argument by stating that the translators of the LXX mistranslated the word.  This conclusion has no support, except that their translation does not fit with the argument of her paper.  The Jewish scholars who translated the LXX certainly had reason to know whether the word referenced “cannabinos” or “calamos.”  For the translation of the the Torah, which included the Exodus passage in question, Ptolemy (Philadelphus II) wrote to the Jewish chief priest, Eleazar, in Jerusalem, and asked for six translators from each of the twelve tribes to do the translation.  The collective outcome of this massive work was the Torah written in Greek.  That these seventy-two people chose to use the word “calamus” rather than “cannabinos” was not something lightly done by one person in a corner.  Their choice of words provides compelling direct evidence of what the term meant in the third century B.C. and what the term continued to mean in the first century A.D., when Josephus wrote.  If the plant used in the holy oil was “cannabinos,” the seventy-two scholars could have easily used this word.  Cannabis was readily available in the world of the Middle East, as Dr. Benet notes.  Calamos would most likely have had to be imported (see Jeremiah 6:20; Ezekiel 27:19). The fact that the Jews before and after the time of Christ did not think that the Hebrew word “q’nah-bosem” constituted “cannabinos” is the only direct evidence we have of what the word actually meant in ancient Hebrew.  Dr. Benet’s later reconstructions of possible etymological sources is a weak reed compared to the compelling direct testimony of the contemporary meaning supplied by Jewish scholars at a time when the oil was still being made and by people drawn from the tribes of Israel , appointed by the high priest of Israel, who had every reason to know what the Hebrew word meant.  I accept the collective opinion of 72 Jewish scholars who lived when the actual meaning of the term would have been known over the speculation of scholars 2,000 years after the fact.

Besides this direct evidence of the meaning of the words, there are supporting evidences arguing for a meaning of reed for “qaneh.”  The same word, “qaneh,” is also used to describe a measuring reed (Ezekiel 40:5-8; 42:16-19, etc.).  If there is any linkage between the use of this word in these passages and the use in the passages Dr. Benet cites, such would further undercut her claims.  The reed used for measurement would not have been a hemp plant, but a reed plant.  Hemp plants are not known for making measuring rods.  (I acknowledge that there may be no connection between the two words, just as there appears to be no connection between the words “bank” in the phrase “bank vault” and “bank” in the phrase “stream bank.”)  However, I think more likely that there is some connection and that the same sort of plant was in view.  The fact that “qaneh” has a strong correlation to marshland is another supporting reason to translate the word as “calamos,” as the LXX translators did (Job 40:21; Isaiah 19:6 where the word “qaneh” is linked to marshes).  Even today, in Hebrew, the words meaning “reed” begins with the word “qaneh.”

Dr. Benet states that Solomon purchased hemp cords for construction.  However, this claim also is not supported by Scripture.  She cites Professor Saltzberger as the source for this conclusion.  There is no Scriptural support for Professor Saltzberger’s conclusion.  Even if there was, it does nothing to show that “qaneh” means “cannabis.”  There is at least one apocryphal story of Solomon forcing a demon to spin hemp (Testament of Solomon, 4:12).  But this work also mentions the hill of Golgotha and the cross of Christ.  Most scholars agree that it is not of Hebrew origin.  And it certainly was not written during the days of Solomon.  Finally, it is a fantastical piece, not grounded in truth or reality.

Likewise, some make the argument that there was a requirement to bury the dead in garments of hemp.  Again, this is not supported by Scripture.

You can take the Strong’s concordance and look at every instance of the word “qaneh” in Scripture, or you can go to e-Sword and do the same thing.  You will see that the word fits best as a reed plant.  The one place where it may not be a reed plant is in Genesis 41:22 where it is translated “stalk.”  It cannot be seen here as a reference to marijuana as marijuana does not have heads of grain and having seven heads on a marijuana plant would not be a sign of super-abundance required by the passage.  There is NO evidence that I have been able to uncover that “qaneh” ever was used for marijuana in Scriptures or in ancient or modern Hebrew.

I further note that even if the conclusion of Dr. Benet and others was true, their conclusion about “qaneh” does not support a claim that Jesus used marijuana.  The anointing oil was made for specific purposes and other uses were strictly forbidden.  It was for anointing the tabernacle and the furniture and utensils, and Aaron and his sons (Exodus 30:32-33).  It was not to be used for other purposes (Exodus 30:32-33).  Others could not even make it (Exodus 30:33).  So how can people possibly argue that Jesus and His disciples used it?  The last time I checked, Jesus was not a Levite or of Aaron’s descent (Hebrews 7:14).  This oil could not be used to anoint kings, or wounds, or in any other type of anointing.  This oil could not be poured on man’s flesh (Exodus 30:32).

Further, even if it was used in anointing oil, that is a far cry from present day inhalation.  The oil was used for anointing, not burning.  The incense that was burned did not contain “qaneh.”  You can check this out for yourself at Exodus 30:34-35, where “qaneh” (sometimes translated “calamus,” or “cane”) is not included in the ingredients of the incense like it is in the ingredients of the anointing oil.

Some will argue that calamus itself is a powerful narcotic.  However, as those who study Scripture know, the anointing oil of the priests was not ingested or burned.  So unless someone is willing to believe that merely inhaling the scent of the raw calamus is a narcotic, the point that it can be used as a narcotic in other ways is lost to me.  The Bible never supports its use as a narcotic.

Many have tried other arguments.  They argue that marijuana is an herb and and God says in Genesis 1:29 that He has given man every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth.  Both of these statements are true.  But we cannot run too far in our conclusion from these truths.  Crownvetch yields seeds and is poisonous.  Nightshade yields seeds and is poisonous.  The poinsettia yields seed and is poisonous.  Hemlock yields seeds and is poisonous.  Every day, we have to choose between plants that are good for us and those that are not.  God is not commanding us to eat of every poisonous plant.

The statement was made when there was no curse on the ground.  Humans could eat of everything except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  In a good world, such as existed before the fall of man, I do not suspect that there were poisonous plants or poisonous animals.  I suspect that when God made the statement, it was literally a true statement.

But after the fall of man, the ground was cursed and no longer was everything good (Genesis 3:17-18).  Scripture makes this abundantly clear in 2 Kings 4:38-41 where a certain person found a wild vine with wild gourds and sliced them into a pot, not knowing that they were poisonous.  God did a miracle to cure the pot of the poison.   Not every herb was good for eating, as even ancient Israel understood.  Any interpretation of Genesis 3:17-18 supporting the use of marijuana equally can be used to support the use of hemlock.  It is a bad argument.

Some will turn to 1 Timothy 2:3-5 to state that we should not abstain from marijuana.  But the same people will abstain from other foods they may not like, such as broccoli, eggs, milk, sardines, etc.  Again, the logic falls apart.  Further, the passage talks about foods “which God created to be received with thanksgiving.”  Not every plant, as noted above, has God created to be received with thanksgiving.  Moreover, most would see the context of the passage as not being about plants at all, but about meat.  In verse 4, Paul uses the Greek word “ktisma,” a word generally understood in the New Testament to reference the animal kingdom (see James 1:18; Revelation 5:13; 8:9 for the other uses of this word in the New Testament).  Even if it is taken to represent also the plant kingdom, the argument that it supports the use of marijuana and not the use of cocaine, hemlock, poison ivy, etc. is weak.

The bottom line is that there is no evidence that I have been able to find that supports a conclusion that marijuana is found in Scripture.  Dr. Mechoulam postulates there may be one reference to marijuana in Ezekiel 27:17, translated sometimes as “millet,” and he may be right.  He is wise enough not to make the claim definitively.  The word used in Ezekiel 27:17 appears nowhere else in Scripture and its meaning is unknown.

I think the bigger problem is that people are looking more to justify their desires than they are to die to self, take up their cross, and follow after Christ.  Paul states in 1 Corinthians 6:12 that all things are lawful but not all things are helpful.  I suspect that few can make a cogent argument that the use of marijuana is helpful to preparing our physical lives to be fit vessels useful to the Holy Spirit.  In Ephesians 5:18 we are told not to be drunk with wine but to be filled with the spirit.  What wine in excess can do, affecting our ability to think, so marijuana can do.

Further, in most States in the United States, the use of marijuana is against the law.  How does one reconcile a violation of the civil law in this matter with passages such as Romans 13; Titus 3; 1 Peter 2?  Certainly, this is not a situation where we must choose between the laws of God and the laws of men.  We can honor both by not using.  And if we are free to violate the law in this area, then what laws of the realm are Paul and Peter addressing?  If I read Romans 13 correctly, God will hold us guilty for violating the civil authority.

Some will say that we violate the law all of the time when we speed, and the use of marijuana is no different.  I will not argue this point.  But I will note that if violation of the law is wrong, then why would we want to compound the error?  If it is not wrong, then what do these passages mean?  Are they open to anyone’s interpretation or does God have a standard that He has set by which we will be judged?

Finally, in Hebrews 12:1, we as God’s people are told to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us.  There are both weights and sins.  Even if one does not see the use of marijuana as being a bad thing and therefore a sin (James 4:17), it is a weight that easily ensnares people.  People become addicted to marijuana.  Long term use has deleterious effects on the cognitive function.  It also appears to have a dramatic effect on the rate of testicular cancer, as well as on heart attacks and paranoia and depression.  I do not see how it can be seen as a general good.

I do not argue for or against legalization.  That is not my role.  Marijuana may have some positive aspects to go along with the negative ones.  I am not one to take up the argument for society as to whether its good outweighs its bad.  But as believers, I call each of us to focus on advancing the kingdom of Christ in the brief time we have on this earth.  We need to devote our life to learning to love Christ with all of our hearts and to love others in a life filled with good deeds.  We should always be preparing ourselves for service, that we might be fit for His use.  Ultimately, only those treasures we lay up in heaven will count.

There is one other aspect to this debate that often goes ignored.  We have societies south of us in Mexico and other countries that are falling apart because of the drugs this country consumes.  Our use of drugs is funding the murder and destruction of many people in other lands.  We can wash our hands and say that it is not our fault that drugs are illegal here.  However, I have a strong suspicion that when we stand before God, He will call us to account for our direct role in the slaughter of innocents by funding drug cartels.  Whether we buy drugs or we fund terrorists by giving money to them, we share in the evil deeds that such people do.

Marijuana and other drugs are not necessary for life.  People may use them because the drugs make them feel good, or they think they get some medical benefit from them.  I suspect few people actually use them because they believe the drugs are drawing them into a deeper study of God’s word, a deeper concern for others, or greater self-control, which is one of the marks that the Spirit of God is truly in control of one’s life (Galatians 5:23).

I hope the above information provides you some helpful information.  As always, we as followers of Christ want to point people to Him.  At some point, we move away from seeking our rights to focusing on what will make us the best vessels possible for His purposes and kingdom.  I would encourage those who think that marijuana use is proper to pursue the knowledge of God through the disciplined study of His revealed word (2 Timothy 2:15) and to prepare (1 Timothy 4:7) with sobriety (1 Peter 1:13; 5:8) the lives He has given us to be used for His kingdom purposes.  I would encourage those who reject the use of marijuana to do the same.  And always, may we have grace one to another.

a fellow pilgrim,


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88 thoughts on “Marijuana in Scripture

  1. D

    Cannabis/Marijuana is NOT bad. If you say it is, then you shun God’s work. It’s how it’s applied IS bad. Just like any other potentially dangerous or trivial things created by God which is here for a reason. Cannabis is NOT dangerous. It doesn’t kill you or kill your brain cells which is scientifically proven MANY times over. One wonders … how do medication/pills come to existence? Greedy drug companies copy God’s perfection and synthetically manipulate God’s work to a PATENTED drug. Cannabis or ANY of God’s creation can NOT be patented. That is why there’s NO incentive to support cannabis as a medicine unlike it had been backed by ALL cultures thousands of years ago. The devil did NOT create/grow cannabis. Cannabis has been illegal for only approx. 80+ years due to misinformation from government that were paid by the BIG MANUFACTURERS or PROFITEERS. Now, protestants support what the government says about cannabis, ironically and unfortunately. It’s sad how a huge part of the Christian Church has become brainwashed from an 80 year old law of man that DEMONIZES what has been the most significant plant in all the world since the planet was created.

    The Bible didn’t mention … oxycotin, loratabs, morphine, etc … as synthetic substances to avoid. ALSO … heroin to avoid for example as a natural concentrate. ALSO …… Angel Trumpets in which every church on average has at least one member that grows this most beautiful yet deadly hallucinogenic flower. I was only making similarities to the author’s ignorant quotes… Be wary of MAN’s law. God, I only assume, is very upset of such abuse especially when the mass supports it.

    Cannabis is an unadulterated plant grown in God’s image. It’s VERY comical that the government with ignorant, hypocritical Christian support is trying to obliterate part of God’s work. That is IMPOSSIBLE. LOL There goes your hard-earned taxes going to work.

    PS – I’m a Christian just like Jesus in a small way …………. put into a corner from his own people. Sad.
    PSS – I can’t wait to meet my Lord.
    PSS – Leave God’s work alone.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Cannabis is not dangerous? Wrong. The police officer at my school watched a kid get killed over it. I’ve seen highly successful students turn into students without motivation. I’ve seen people steal to get it. I’ve watched multiple people throughout the years rob the welfare system to get it and then smoke it and deal it in front of their kids. I’ve seen kids of heavy pot smokers with chronic coughs. I’ve seen it lead to the use of other drugs, in my own life and in the lives of others. I was so addicted to it that I resorted to stealing to get it. I couldn’t handle one day without it. My paychecks went to it. Oh, I mean my paychecks went to it when I actually had a job, which wasn’t often when I was using heavily. For me, it deadened the mental pain I felt. I didn’t want to live with the pain. I watched friends start using over twenty years ago who are still using to this day. Every friend I know who’s still heavily using has not progressed professionally and has family and health issues. Feel free to say it’s not dangerous. Say it’s not addictive. Say it doesn’t affect brain function. My own personal experience over the last 25 years says differently. Am I ignorant? Of some things. Of the dangers of marijuana? No.

      1. Ben

        “Cannabis is not dangerous? Wrong. The police officer at my school watched a kid get killed over it.”

        Then, sneakers are dangerous, as many have been killed for them as well…

        Pointless, illogical arguments against it.

        It is created by God.
        It is able to be used in moderation.
        It is not to be used in unwise scenarios, such as driving, nor for children/adolescents.

        1. truthsaves Post author

          Marijuana is illegal in most states. Because of that, much sales volume is a direct result of criminal activity. This makes it much more dangerous than a pair of sneakers. My arguments aren’t pointless. I can say it a million times and people won’t listen. They don’t want to listen. They’re too busy being high and letting it control them. When people want something they’ll defend it, even when their defense is illogical. So here it is again.

          I work in a school. I watch kids start down the marijuana trail. They often go from “A” students to dropouts in a short time. A while back I worked with a kid who said, “My goal this week is to stop smoking pot (for the week).” He didn’t show up for three days that week.

          The next week I asked him about his progress. He said, “Oh, I met my goal.”

          “Really?” I asked. “Why were you absent three days?”

          “You got me,” he admitted.

          A few days later the kid was expelled for drug sales and gang activity in the school. Grades? All failing. So I agree with you that children / adolescents shouldn’t use it. Why? Because it’s dangerous and addictive and steals motivation and deadens thinking.

          Adults fall under its spell as well. Often. I have a friend who’s been smoking well over twenty years. I quit (way back in the day) and he never did. He still wastes his paychecks on it. He’s still baked all the time. He’s totally (self-admittedly) addicted to the drug and can’t really imagine being without it. He’s lost his children, his wife, been in jail and almost killed . . . but he’s still happily smoking the happy smoke, oblivious to what it’s done to him. I met him the other day and he can barely hold a coherent conversation. He wasn’t like that twenty years ago. His bad choices have ruined his life but marijuana helped him down that path.

          Yes, marijuana was created by God. So was hemlock. Yes, used in moderation it is much less dangerous. But many things used in moderation are less dangerous. One cigarette per day is less dangerous than a pack per day. One bowl of ice cream per week is less dangerous than one every night. A glass of wine now and then is less dangerous than a bottle every night.

          Your arguments are pointless and illogical as well. I am sorry for my rant tonight. But sometimes the defense against an illegal and dangerous drug, mostly by those who would be unwilling to give it up or live without it, gets me a little irate.

          People need to know the truth.

    2. darin bowman

      Your right on. Lets start our own church with this knowlegde of persicution. Is there a church in this country that feels this way. I love the lord and feel no convections to the use of medical herb. Im prior marine and feel it was a waste of my time due to the persicutions ive gone threw sence 2001. Call if you no of any churchs before i leave this country for good. 719 493 3082

  2. D

    And …. yes … I heroin wasn’t mentioned to be avoided in the Bible. I’m sure the author is going to come back on my lack of grammar, spelling, conjecture, etc … as well. Let be and Let God.

  3. Shawn

    Lots of misconceptions here if you really wish to study these issues need to got the growers application Health and Welfare MMPR web site download all the documents, applications, and study the narcotics act on security needed to become a grower. The most important aspect of this is all 2 potential MMAR local southern ontario patients Parker and Matt Menuagh (sp)(does pot tv show from vapour central & just released strain book) said there own doctors would not sign extensive amount of past paperwork to submit to Health and Welfare for ATP or growers card license under our guarantee to health under Charter of Rights last brought in by Trudeau LOL with some attempted interference from Mulroney. So once you fax prescription to new grower such as us if we get growers sites approved in next few months a prescription from your doctor up to 150 grams per month which if making edibles or oils (see Canada’s Rick Simpson’s cancer healing recipes, or my group has easier green dragon recipe) for more effective medicine than smoking or vaporizing. High CBN’s strains have helped control or cure many diseases. Download 12 mb Granny’s list

    Pricing will be usually under $8 to get a truly organic product that cannot have trace of pesticide or toxic heavy metals. Our growers coop will hopefully have compassion based upon income since this is not a time to be greedy.

    Of course for your religious pagans since most kinksters usually identify with LOL Cannabis is in bible with Chis Bennetts books discussing further. Jesus brought back annointing after 300 years since Romans said pagan ritual. Thus 9 pounds of flower bud turned to oil, incense, and muir helped cure the leppers which meant back then they had skin diseases. Caveman most likely discovered eating it helped them to go to next stage of evolution of speech and brain development. Of course sexually active aliens or or injecting DNA strains could not of hurt. LOL no I have not smoked today…..

  4. Michelle

    Scripture References:

    1 Peter 5:8, 2 Tim 4:5, 1 Thes. 5:4-8 – just a few that tell us to be SOBER MINDED. Can’t be Sober and Stoned at the same time!

    Galations 5:19-21 and a few other verses mention not practicing Sorcery amongst other Worldly pursuits… Sorcery & Witch Craft are also references to Drugs.

    1 Cor 10:23 All things are lawful but not all things beneficial. Does it benefit your spirit, soul, walk with GOD to smoke pot?

    1 Cor 6:19-20 Does it Glorify God in your Body? (if your actions cause others to stumble, I’d err on the side of NO)

    Titus 2:12 – Self Control… Smoking Pot is 99% of the time done for PLEASURE not for Medical Reasons. Therefore you are choosing to PLEASE your FLESH over exercising self control.

    Look up the Verses yourself. Don’t go by what MAN says but by What GOD says.

    Be Blessed!

    1. Jim

      Hello I am pastor Jim Cosetti and operator of Humble Herbs , I understand what you say and i also understand why you say this but please watch my short videos On Paul and medical marijuana. Also here is truth about Marijuana -This Is Dr sanjay Gupta – Dr. Oz – Marijuana heals Cancer
      why Is it you cant Over Dose on pot? Your Nerves system in naturally produces Opiates, Not cannabinoids. so when you take norco,vicodin, oxy any opiate based drug even at the minimum, there is a chance of Over dosing. what does the CBD do in patients? CBD comes in to your receptors and slows the signal down from pain. As the norco will hit your nerves system which can cause addiction , Brain malfunction, anger , and worst of Death.

  5. Hi There

    Brilliant article. Then we scroll down and see the typical stoner responses. Way to completely ignore everything he said in the article, guys. And in the most incoherent way imaginable. Your self-justifications don’t wash. Marijuana has had a deleterious effect on your intellect, self-expression and moral reasoning. And before you start with the usual stoned blather – I smoked at least 4 blunts daily for 8-9 years. I know all your tricks! But Jesus Christ will cure you of your addiction if you ask Him to.

    1. Heartfelt Lady

      LOL that’s a great point.
      Do marijuana smokers always think their smarter than the average man, anyway?
      I know when I use to get high from marijuana I thought i was the next Einstein…Lol. So I think it funny to see stoner christians trying to defend the use of smoking weed. As if they are more smarter than God, The Father.
      Who are you trying to convince, Man or God? :) * smiles*

      Ps: Here’s another thing that’s funny about marijuana users who are christian. Mostly all of them says, it from the earth. It grows from the ground God created. It’s natural. Lol. So does anything that grows from the earth. Posion ivy grow from the earth too, does it mean you can smoke or even eat it without it having some effect on you. Anyway.
      God bless-Huggs

      1. Pastor Jim Cosetti

        I Understand what is written here why one must think it’s Okay. But truthfully it’s pretty grotesque to me. all quotes of biblical reference are of Paul. A man who the disciples disliked and did not trust, and Paul was left alone by them during the end. Was peter not the Rock Christ said for him to be? Or is he still Bar Jonas? what happened to peters church and why are we still following Paul.
        Paul is a self proclaimed disciple,a man who said Christianity was a Curse, He also is described As leviathan. So why is he in the bible this is a question the bible answers many times . mathew 13:25-30
        Job 31:7-8
        7 if my steps have turned from the path,
        if my heart has been led by my eyes,
        or if my hands have been defiled,
        8 then may others eat what I have sown,
        and may my crops be uprooted.

        Also Job says this about Leviathan, Job 41:14-16
        14″Who can open the doors of his face? Around his teeth there is terror. 15″His strong scales are his pride, Shut up as with a tight seal. 16″One is so near to another That no air can come between them.…
        Paul had scales that fell from his eyes and also he had a thorn is his side! I have a hard time Understanding why people Quote the bible But don’t see the entire picture.
        Why Live the way Paul tells us when in Jeremiah 8:8 it says “How can you say, ‘We are wise, And the law of the LORD is with us’? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made it into a lie!
        Isaiah 27:1-4 NIV

        27:1 In that day,

        the Lord will punish with his sword—
        his fierce, great and powerful sword—
        Leviathan the gliding serpent,
        Leviathan the coiling serpent;
        he will slay the monster of the sea.
        2 In that day—

        “Sing about a fruitful vineyard:
        3 I, the Lord, watch over it;
        I water it continually.
        I guard it day and night
        so that no one may harm it.
        4 I am not angry.
        If only there were briers and thorns confronting me!
        I would march against them in battle;
        I would set them all on fire.

        And who created Good and Bad?
        Isaiah 45:7
        1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
        7 I form the [a]light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things
        So I ask you all who say that marijuana is not of God, then why is this written?

          1. truthsaves Post author

            Thank you for your comments. it is interesting that you would see a divide between Paul and Peter. While Scripture points out one point of disagreement between the two in Galatians 2, such seemed to be an isolated incident. Paul speaks of Peter approvingly in 1 Corinthians 9 and 15 and more generally of the apostles in Ephesians 2:20 and 3:5. Peter speaks of Paul approvingly in 2 Peter 3. Paul’s teachings are not at odds with Peter’s teachings. Both emphasize love and unity and a focus on Jesus Christ as the only Savior for humanity. You quote Paul in his instructions on discipline for the church but you do not quote Peter who devotes a whole chapter (2 Peter 2) to the same subject and uses equally strong words. Both teach of a coming judgment that should shape the way we live. Both teach that we should not live for fleshly desires which war against the soul. Both call upon us to live our lives to please Christ, and to wait for His return. And both established churches of Christ, not of themselves. History tells us that they both died in Rome under Nero’s persecution. Accordingly, I do not agree with your premise. I read the writings of both and find the same gospel in both. It is the good news that when we deny ourselves and take up our cross, as Jesus Himself said, then we become His disciples.

    2. Linda Williscroft

      Yes, it IS an excellent article!
      I can only igure that those who ignored its content are too doped up for it to register.
      Glad you got off it. it is no “soft drug.”
      I believe demons enter people who take it. The side effects show remarkable comparisons to demonic influence.
      I studied the subject indepth (based on other peoples’ research of over 20 years,) and collated my finds into an article to give “stoners,”
      some of them were shocked. But one thing stood out, doctors (from their experiments,) agreed that it takes at least 3 months of being off the stuff,
      to recognize the deleterous effects it had on their brain, thinking and body.

    3. Omar

      Well said Mr. Hi there

      I know from my own personal convintions with weed that God has placed in my heart, I found that I was trying to find justification to be able to continue to do the things I wanted to do but with a clean conscious.

      So yeah I looked up all types of facts created by man to back me up. The only problem was that God already created a guideline for us not so we can munipulate it as we please but to bring us closer to him through his word and not through the words of Dr. Oz etc….
      As to the pastor that supports the use of weed and I’m assuming teaches the benefits of weed to his followers, God will hold you responsible not only for your sins and false misleading words but he will hold you responsible for there salvation as we’ll , not my words but Gods look it up.
      If you find yourself looking for answers anywhere but in Gods word you will be lead astray, for the devils game is deception and he is good at it. I pray for you pastor and leaders alike.

  6. Heather

    Genesis 1:29-31

    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

    What really shocked me was the following passage.

    1 Timothy 4:1-4

    Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      All things God has given to us are good for us when used wisely. However, when not used properly, the matters can be bad. I just received notice that I had a noxious weed on my property. The plant is good in the part of the world where it came from, but where I live it takes over the native plants and therefore is a pest. It is not good here. Such is true with other plants. They mat be good for cows but not people. They may be good for flowers but not for eating. They may be god for healing some diseases and harmful to take for other diseases. Thus, they need to be used wisely.

      Yet, of all the gifts from God to us, the greatest is the gift of His Son who came to remove our sins and bring the hope of eternal life. Thus, Jesus said: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only existing Son…” (John 3:16). I hope in accepting His other gifts that you will also accept His greatest gift and find the eternal life He has promised to those who follow His teachings.

  7. Dr, Filmore Scripts

    cannabis consumed orally is the only medicine which controls both aspects of bipolar 1 for me w/out killing my heart, liver, kidneys and thyroid. i consider it immoral to make illegal a plant Ahayah Asher Ahayah, Yahoshua Ha Mashiach & Ruach Hakodesh blessed us with. i continue to serve in our local body, missions, prison ministry et al. let God alone be my Judge & to hell w/ any man made laws which contradict His.


    servant of the Most High

    1. truthsaves Post author

      I understand your sentiment towards laws that you think are not right, but as Christians we are admonished not to think such things. The Apostle Paul wrote to us in Romans 13:1-7 to be subject to our rulers, to obey rulers and authorities (Titus 3:1). The Apostle Peter also tells us to submit to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake (1 Peter 2:13-14). Paul also tells us to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Jesus tells us to bless those who curse us (Matthew 5:44-48). James (James 3:8-18) and Peter (1 Peter 3:8-17) also strongly encourage us not to curse, but to bless.

  8. Godsmedicine

    If we take a look at cannabis on a religious aspect we should all acknowledge the following passages which comes from the King James edition of the Holy Bible.

    GENESIS 1:
    29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
    30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.
    31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
    In genesis it states God has given us every herb bearing seed on the face of the Earth and it shall be for meat. Is marijuana not an herb bearing seed?

    Why does the Christian community turn it’s back on this very simple statement? God created everything, every herb bearing seed and it shall be for meat. So, what is an herb?

    1. herb
    any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume.

    So, we have proved that marijuana is in fact an herb. It has been used for all of the above. I’m not one to say God made a mistake, if most religious individuals feel that same way how can they be against this medicine that was created to heal us from the elements of this world?

    Next, what I really thought was profound was when I took a look at the same bible’s prediction of the future in 1 Timothy:

    1 TIMOTHY 4:
    4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils
    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
    4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
    5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

    In Genesis it states I created every herb bearing seed and it shall be for meat. And here we see that some will command us to abstain from meats. The passage goes on to say some will depart from the faith speaking lies in hypocrisy giving heed to spirits and doctrines of devils.

    As Christian’s we should not stand for the Medicine God left for us to be imprisoned and all his children suffering, do some reasearch

  9. the truth is out there

    God put every seed bearing plant and herb here to use,”jesus said in scripture” that its not whatt goes into your mouth that defiles you…..its what comes out of your mouth! I’m not condoning the use of marijuana and I’m not denying its uses,seek the truth wholeheartedly and you will understand!the world is dangerous,there are so many cover ups and secrets it boggles the mind,and its to dumb down the masses! To keep society in order,to blind the people to the truth,”jesus also said” if thine eye be single. you will be fied with light……”light” is knowledge,the brain has a pineal gland ,the 3rd eye or all seeing eye……its on the back of the 1 dollar bill,its often referred to as the seat of the soul 95% of society has a calcified pineal gland causing it not to function like it should,if it is decalcified you will become full of light because you will become aware of everything,…….open your eyes and expand your mind….GOD BLESS!!

  10. davp

    Ezekiel 34:29 And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.
    Isaiah 10:27 And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

  11. Nick

    I’m a Christian whom uses cannabis 4 medical reasons as well as 2 relax or get going 4 the day. B4 anyone says, “medical sure I bet”, I have acalasia & have exhausted surgical fixes so cannabis helps me. To the author actually I can say that I vaporize cannabis & get fired up about The Word & spending time w/ My Best Friend & Redeemer. I give thanks 2 God over every new package of flowers & ask He bless it 2 my good health & use me 2 Glorify His Name. I now know when cannabis is legalized I have a job 2 do. It WILL happen as Lucifer wants 2 open the gates on no moral accountability.

    I will gladly vaporize w/ those whom idolize mj if I can send The Gospel slicing into their soul after. The mj leaf has 7 larger off shoots & 7 is special 2 Him. Very special. Understand I don’t condone abuse of God’s Gifts 2 sin against Him or the Idolatry of MJ. Abuse & use are different things. I also respect other Christians in their walk w/ Christ & will abstain from use by them if it stumbles them.

  12. Nick

    I wanted 2 comment B-cuz I commonly C the same verses & unverified hypotheses bout kaneh boshem thrown into the mix w/ angry words (not so much here) which doesn’t help. Christ said anger and hate are murder in the heart. Yes I use mj but Jesus was not a charlatan shaman getting people wasted on mj. That idea makes 0 sense when 1 has studied the amount of signs God put in 2 The Bible to show Himself to those whom seek Him w/ their heart and mind. Do I believe there is a slight possibility it is The Tree of Life? Yes maybe a genetically watered down version; but that is conjecture based on fossils showing drastic genetic activation B4 Noah, not fact. My big issue is many lose sight of Jesus while arguing about mj & they use it in ways that don’t glorify The Almighty. So while I do believe a Christian user can exist I also know some Christians haven’t let go yet and that is why they argue vehemently for it instead of respectful in tone. Jesus first friends.

  13. Heather

    When I was around 21 I had a dream about Jesus. It was only after I endured years of abuse from a stepfather and my mother left me at 15 when he got out of jail and me from the foster home she left me and my sister homeless. I began having night terrors where hell was sucking me in. I was so freaked out I grabbed a bible and started reading it. I wasn’t raised religious but I had heard about God and Jesus and as a child stepped into a few different churches. These night terrors went on for three years of Satan hounding me in my dreams. I called on priests, prayed and began writing in a journal about my mother and what she did my stepfather and all the horrible sexual abuse. I wrote and wrote and wrote sometimes waking up at 1 am and writing until the sun came up. Once I forgave my mother and began on the road to healing I had this dream:

    I dreamed I died and I could see my body laying on a grassy ground. My spirit couldn’t get to heaven and three angels surrounded my spirit and said..

  14. Heather

    “Do you know why you can’t get to heaven?” And I said “NO” they said because you have forgiven everybody else but you haven’t forgiven yourself. I said “you’re right…I forgive myself.” So I shot straight up to heaven. Jesus was sitting on a cheap fold out lawn chair. He had his elbows on his knees and his head down. When I got there he said “I’ve been waiting for you!” I said “me?” Because I’m nobody but a homeless teen why me? He stood up wearing cut off jeans and a white t shirt with something written on it. I wish I would have paid attention to that detail. We were on pine plank floors (which I love) and there were three Brick buildings like 1800 school houses. He was standing in front of one and I was standing on a pine plank floor that lead to him. He said “I made something for you.” I was shocked!! ME!!?? I followed him past another small building and around the corner the plank floors and everything else was a beautiful green plant. But at that age I never really looked…

  15. Linda Williscroft

    Heather, I fear the devil was playing with you in your dream. I believe it was a false Jesus you met. No not because of the lawn chair or cut off jeans (its just like Jesus to identify with us,) but because of the plant you were about to describe.
    Jesus would never tell you to take marijuana, hon.
    i am so sorry for the abuse u suffered and I believe the real Jesus has something far better 4 you than MJ.
    When we’re abused, satan is able to access us, coz we are spiritually weakened, he accessed yr dreams and deceived u.
    He is out to destroy u. He tried thru yr stepfather & mother, now he wants to cap it off with MJ.
    Ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit. This will bring healing to yr wounded betrayed heart and fill u with His Love & joy instead!
    I know, coz I was abused most my life & Jesus healed me.
    Start going to a good church-Pentecostal ones are good I find, but please believe me, I want u to have the new life in Christ He offers.
    Its real & He truly loves you.

  16. Heather

    Well I didn’t finish because I was going to tell you he told me he made something for me. I followed him to a log cabin he made for me out of writing books. I was writing through the night terrors and that was the start of me reading the bible and through the next few years I went to church have myself to Jesus and then came down with a hideous disease fibromyalgia they started me on a drug called Lyrica and that’s when my world that I created which was an author of three books, as Jesus told me to write, seven screenplays written, keynote speaker for the abused, worked for the police department, was mother of the year, ran two businesses, taught adult education classes, mother of five, raising seven, my brother and my husbands other two and founder of a non profit organization and volunteer awards constantly, to come crashing down, once I started taking those meds my behavior changed so they put me on more drugs antidepressants and said I’m bipolar for the next four years I was…

  17. Heather

    In and out of institutions, attempted suicide more than a dozen times. I lost all my work, my family left me, lost my children and became homeless. That’s when I began looking for alternative medication i weened myself off the meds and began studying medical marihuana. For years I have analyzed that dream over and over in my head trying to recall every detail like I don’t know what his t-shirt said on it. I wish I would have paid more attention to everything. I know it was him because if three angels visit you that is a holly dream look it up. But I realize now two things, his head was down because he was asking me to bear a very tough job like Job in the bible, I always kept my faith through the darkness yet would sometimes ask why. Two things are true he is not happy, although he loves all, about how messed up things got with his natural medication and this Bible! Do you not know that half his disciples were against him? Who was left to write the bible? You know in the 17th…

  18. Nick

    Cannabis does not harm the brain. Its actually neuroprotective.

    Igor Grant, MD, Executive Vice Chairman at the University of California, San Diego Department of Psychiatry, wrote in his study published in the July issue of the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, as reported in a June 27, 2003 Reuters article:
    “Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage. ‘The findings were kind of a surprise. One might have expected to see more impairment of higher mental function. Other illegal drugs, or even alcohol, can cause brain damage…

    If we barely find this tiny effect in long-term heavy users of cannabis, then we are unlikely to see deleterious side effects in indivduals who receive cannabis for a short time in a medical setting…

    If it turned out that new studies find that cannabis is helpful in treating some medical conditions, this enables us to see a marginal level of safety.”

    June 27, 2003 – Igor Grant, MD

  19. Nick

    “Government experts now admit that pot doesn’t kill brain cells.
    This myth came from a handful of animal experiments in which structural changes (not actual cell death, as is often alleged) were observed in brain cells of animals exposed to high doses of pot. Many critics still cite the notorious monkey studies of Dr. Robert G. Heath, which purported to find brain damage in three monkeys that had been heavily dosed with cannabis. This work was never replicated and has since been discredited by a pair of better controlled, much larger monkey studies, one by Dr. William Slikker of the National Center for Toxicological Research.

    I am not saying MJ abuse is OK. Not at all as it is idolatry & God is a jealous God. But having some out there say that demons enter you on MJ is calling our Redeemer a lier. Christ said, “What enters does not defile a man, actions or what comes from a man corrupts a man.” All things are possible through Christ. Even a Christian MJ user.

  20. Nick

    I never said it couldn’t be used in a dangerous way. I said the plant itself isn’t detrimental. You are by deciding to not get up and exercise your mind or body. Your free will given to you by God is letting you choose to sit around enjoying the flesh. This isn’t what it is for me. I study physics, electronics engineering, am a very accomplished dry media artist, love reading, and most of all spending time in The Word and with Him in Prayer. Abuse is very dangerous. Technically the curse of entropy on Creation is where the damage comes from and abuse then compounds. I am only stating a Christian can use MJ and live a Christian lifestyle. Sure is better then the huge opiate doses i used to need to function. Furthermore I feel that my ability to use without abuse is God prepping me for use in His Plans reaching the brains of fluoride poisoned, drug riddled, TV controlled, people whom believe we are just monkies that experimented with drugs and evolved great amazing brains. Walking away..

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Who is sitting around enjoying the flesh? Who is not exercising their mind or body? Please hit “reply” under the comment you’re replying to.

      If you are responding to a previous comment where I said that marijuana is dangerous, then I will respond by saying that back then, when I used, I exercised my body a lot. I exercised more high than when I was sober. My mind? Not so much. I couldn’t even remember a paragraph I read. I’d have to read it like seven times to remember the details. It completely deadened my mind and slowed my thinking, especially with heavy and consistent use.

      I agree that there are positive uses of the plant, especially when used judiciously. However, it is dangerous, as I have seen over and over and over again. Again I will say, I have seen it completely turn lives upside down. It is highly addictive and dangerous in more ways than people defending it are willing to believe. I was in a major car wreck with a driver who was stoned. Our car rear-ended the car in front of us and I broke the windshield with my head and had to be taken to the hospital. Who’s to say how many wrecks marijuana has caused? They don’t test for it, so we don’t know.

      Marijuana is dangerous. Marijuana is addictive. Marijuana deadens the mind. Marijuana slows the senses. Marijuana smoke is bad for the lungs. Marijuana is illegal in most states. Marijuana hurts our kids (this is a massive problem in the schools — believe it — I have been in education for over 10 years).

      Responsible users who understand the risks or who need the medical benefits it can provide — more power to them. But the majority of people out there using marijuana are abusing it and using it for recreational purposes.

      1. Nick

        What I mean is in some way or another u weren’t doing something ur body needs 2 build new neuropathways. THC overloads the circuitry of the nerves by deadening the signals telling individual nerves they have fired successfully. So the nerve keeps firing (this is why stoners think they are so much smarter because every thought is made profound. This is also why I measure every thought I have against Scripture when it has the potential to have an effect on my Soul.) Anyways that constant firing has an effect on the neuropathways & if those pathways aren’t replenished then yes it will technically deaden ur mind. This is Y I stay away from brain numbing television except 4 a few thought provoking shows I like 2 watch. Exercise is important 2 the mind & if one sits around stoned (even with physical exercise as a normal activity) then the mind will slowly die. I only argue against the thought of ALL users (even responsible users) being agents of Satan and demons. I belong 2 JC not MJ.


        1. Nick

          I was unable to finish my comment before. The dogs were bugging me 2go 4 a walk.
          I agree that there’s a degeneration of society & that kids R getting hit hard. The problem is Christians R getting side tracked by unwinnable battles compared 2 Our Commission. The Word needs no help in bringing a (wo)man 2 their knees w/ guilt over Sin & its burden (all addiction starts here). That Word can also bring them freedom from that burden by taking on His Yoak, repenting of our sins 2 Him, & walking in Faith. We only need show sinners His Word & it takes over. I no longer want 2 abuse as I did under that Yoak of Sin. Can I once in a while use it recreationally above & beyond medical benefits? Me personally yes because it is truly once in a great while. Around children? Absolutely not. If kids R around I actually use less then norm medical dose (in private). This is not 2 say the bad morals aren’t important. But let’s cut the head off that wicked serpent & quit lookin at the rattle.


  21. Nick

    away from יהרה is what causes issues with abuse and addiction. I can use MJ because I first off don’t get uber stoned with it and most importantly Christ is the focus of my life. I barely ever play video games anymore and even found myself disgusted by secular music I once liked. This is how I know the Spirit telling me it’s OK for ME is My Redeemer because I have measured the spirit against scripture and even beyond that my old life of fleshly pursuits now disgusts me. I am not advocating Christians start getting high. I am saying my Love for My God protects me from the evil that abuse of anything can unleash. God bless.


  22. Heather

    That is because you used it incorrectly. Cannabis has been apart of medicine and out everyday diet for 10,000 years. It’s all in the oil or raw juicing! It heals thousands of diseases and is nature! Do you think when God created to world he stopped so Satan could add something to the scene, I don’t think so! It has never killed anyone and we have endocannabinoid receptors in out body or did Satan again stop god when he created us to put that in there. The ignorance is not being knowledgable about the truth. It was in the 17th century that the word cannabis was translated wrong if you are a person of God then you should also know that fact. The anointing oil was made with cannabis, do some research

    1. truthsaves Post author

      When you reply, please hit “reply” under the comment you’re replying to otherwise the conversation falls apart. I don’t know which comment you’re replying to. So, every person of God should know that the word “cannabis” was translated wrong in the 17th century? I disagree. I don’t think that information is relevant to salvation in any way, shape or form. My bet is that most godly people have no idea of that “fact.” And I don’t believe the anointing oil was made with cannabis either.

      1. Evangelist A. L. Green

        How truly foolish to think that Cannabis is some great evil or some type of SIN because of its usage. If your argument against its use is based on legality then you fall into the realm of men who preach that bad things are good and good things are bad such as Abortion, Gay Marriage, 501c3 these are the laws of the land are they GOOD???

  23. Maritza

    Heather, funny how you spell satan’s name with a capital S and God with a small letter….just saying. People that smoke MJ will ALWAYS justify it in some way. The devil blinds you to see what is right. Truth saves!! God saves!!

  24. Heather

    Funny how that is the only thing you took out of my post! I believe satan loves religions and the medical industry all those doctors taking your money and killing you at the same time… That’s real greed!! And racism is the only thing that has locked up Cananbis, I’m sure Satan loves that too. To see Gods people suffering! It’s all on his plan and you are consciously accepting that! Because honestly God made Cananbis we have receptors in our bodies to receive and use that medicine that is why no one has ever died from it! You are the one justifying NOT using it and that’s on you! But when you have knowledge and Jesus in your heart I don’t care what anyone thinks of it, and no matter how much you don’t agree that will NEVER change the truth. It has been a medicine since the beginning of time! Look at Hemp and the problems with our water I Toledo. Why was algae bloom only discovered 20 years after Hemp was taken out of our wnvironment? I don’t believe God made a mistake on either!!

  25. Nick

    Christians, we are the only ones who line up our firing squad in a circle. Debating is one thing but this is quickly devolving into hate filled insult throwing with zero scientific argument or theological argument. Allowing murder in to our hearts as hate is beneath us as those whom are washed in the Blood of The Word made Flesh. Do we all believe Jesus Christ died for our sins? Do we all believe He defeated death and rose on the 3rd day? Do we all put our faith in Him and walk after Him to the best of our ability? Do we come before Him with humbleness and thanksgiving? Have we all repented of our sins before Him? Then what does it matter what other things an individual believes or doesn’t believe? Satan wants us arguing with each other and staying distracted from Our Commission. The Luke Warm Church Indeed. Can we please close this conversation? This isn’t a debate anymore and it is not contusive to the Father’s Work for us to fight in circles with hate in our hearts.


    1. truthsaves Post author

      We have no hate in our hearts toward those who use. We are sorry you see this as an argument. We do not see it that way.

      I, Eric, share my message with more than just the readers of this site. I share my message continually — especially with the youth I work with. Marijuana can be dangerous and has the potential to ruin lives. I want people to understand that. I’m not speaking from a viewpoint of ignorance. I know what it did to me. I know what it’s done to my friends. I see daily what it does to our young people. And the effects I see are destructive, detrimental and often devastating.

      I do not say there is nothing good about it. I believe those who say they use it judiciously or for medical reasons. It is not my place to judge whether a person who uses marijuana is saved or not. Whether you use marijuana is an issue between you and God. It is your business. But because a handful of people use it wisely and are able to maintain a fruitful relationship with God does not change the truth about the dangers of the drug. I’ve witnessed the destruction firsthand. It’s not something to be ignored or taken lightly. Marijuana is dangerous in so many ways.

      Please understand that we agree with you wholeheartedly on one point. In order to be saved, we must believe in the resurrected Jesus of the Bible. He is our reason for living and He is the reason for this website. We would encourage visitors to read more than this one article to understand what we are about.

      Having said that, we attempt to answer questions sent in to us. This article deals with the question of whether or not the use of marijuana is supported in Scripture. We do not find it to be so.

      1. Nick

        I meant the fighting that is accusing one in so many words of Satan loving while the other screams ignorance. This approach of anger can quickly devolve into name calling. That is my only point. And please let’s not get it twisted. Cannabis is not dangerous & before you say anything understand I mean inanimate objects making man w/ free will do anything. Sin is the problem. The destruction of our Fathers handiwork by so called scientists. Teaching children they come from monkies. Sexual promiscuity making unwanted babies while as a majority society teaches they can pay a doctor to kill the helpless thing. No consequences. The world is the danger, not a plant. I use it in a Godly way & I will tell u right now it is society that is the killer of kids. Music glorifying sex and death is cool to nine year olds. The degradation of moral values killed the world. Rebelling against God destroys our society. This is where we should be fighting. Not in a forum against Christian family 4 MJ use.

        1. Nick

          So in short I agree that yes we need to keep Children from using it and from being exposed to it. Personally I smoked thru my teen years and school couldn’t teach me fast enough. I skipped school for two weeks & came back to get the highest score on state math proficiencies while being done first. This is the dumbing down of USA in its glory. But I will agree that my case is one in a million and most kids are so broken inside it makes me groan in the spirit. They are being forced to memorize things about Islam while being forbidden to talk about Christ. The bunk idea of Darwin is forced down their throats as FACT. Marijuana abuse isn’t a cause of our dead morals society, it is a symptom of a plan by our nemesis to destroy us and shake his fist at God. I merely wanted to point out the cause of the infection not just a symptom or side effect. Make sense? Healthy Christian debate is good for the soul but angry insult throwing isn’t and only results in terrible damage is my point.


  26. Nick

    I am sorry but u don’t have anything of the truth written there. Just the usual false flag illusion of man. MAN IS THE CAUSE OF ALL SIN AND SUFFERING. Yahweh makes this clear time and time again. Also if my child started failing in the dead zone called public school I would praise Yeshua Hamashiach with a shout to the Heavens because that system has created the absent minded morons that think they came from a monkey. I smoke daily and I go out spreading the Gospel and my love for a God that was actually mindful of my pathetic little brief existence within His construct. This is what I meant in my earlier arguments. Man is so inclined to exalt himself as god that he blames things that Elohim makes Himself visible thru as the cause of the very sickness that will pull his soul into the lake of fire. His heart. Nothing else on this earth leads us to do anything then the evil imaginings of our hearts full of sin. For that Yeshua came and died and praise Him for His Mercy and Grace.

    1. Nick

      I must apologize; for some reason even though I hit reply from the email it didn’t place my response above under the comment intended. My comment above is not to advocate children using cannabis. It is to say if my child lost interest in being indoctrinated in a lie then I would praise my Rock and Redeemer. I keep trying to convince my sister to home school her son (I could teach him mathematics, most grammer tho I’m not perfect, science, physics, chemistry, and electronics) because that public system is the cancer. It’s like sending your child to the slaughterhouse and telling them it is candy land. They are raised to believe absolutely that this life, this brief existence in this terrible place is all there is. Do you wonder why they seek out meaning? They go to the wrong places but that is just another snare of the fallen ones. I don’t advocate children using because they are growing but please stop casting the blame away from the creation given choice that chose badly.

  27. Christian

    This is a horrid article; the premise of almost every argument is invalid on it’s face.

    I’m not going to dispute the claim that cannabis isn’t in the Bible, because (although I see it as a small possibility) I agree that the evidence isn’t that substantial (…but on that note, I’d also like to point out that if the Jews had encountered cannabis, they *almost certainly* would have peddled it as burnt incense). What I *will* dispute, however, is this baseless notion that the use of cannabis is somehow either anti-Christian or, even more absurd, that it’s “dangerous” or “poisonous”.

    —“I suspect that few can make a cogent argument that the use of marijuana is helpful to preparing our physical lives to be fit vessels useful to the Holy Spirit.”

    Allow me to make an attempt: in my experience with cannabis (and other cannabis users) I have often found that users of the drug experience a profound change in their moral outlook; specifically in terms of their ability to feel empathy, soothe feelings of anger or conflict, things of that nature. These traits, to me, are two of the purest ways of preparing oneself for the Holy Spirit. Similarly, I’ve noted that users are also far more apt to consider and discuss spiritual and ethical ideas not just during intoxication, but afterward as well. Granted, not all users experience this (many users stay the same), but it’s a pretty common trait I’ve observed over and over.

    1. Christian

      —“Further, in most States in the United States, the use of marijuana is against the law. How does one reconcile a violation of the civil law in this matter with passages such as Romans 13; Titus 3; 1 Peter 2?”

      Well, first of all, 1 Peter 2 has absolutely no relevance to your proposition, but that’s a minor issue because your other two verses are sound. Yes, we are to follow the law: but you can’t treat such a statement in such a black and white fashion. We have to draw the line somewhere. For example: In Nazi Germany, it was unlawful for someone to harbor innocent Jewish refugees. Should Christians have neglected to help their Jewish neighbors simply on the basis that Paul told them to obey human laws? Even human laws that fly directly in the face of God’s laws? Absurd. The prohibition of cannabis has caused the deaths of countless people (gang violence that would not have occurred provided the drug had legal outlets for sale) and the imprisonment of a detestable amount of otherwise innocent people, people who violated no one else’s rights. It is an utterly abhorrent law with fundamentally immoral consequences, similar to the German law I presented earlier. When man’s law and God’s law conflict, Romans 13 and Titus 3 are not relevant.

      1. Christian

        —“Some will say that we violate the law all of the time when we speed, and the use of marijuana is no different.”

        This is a silly argument (from the pro-cannabis side, at that). The premise is wrong: speeding and cannabis use are completely different violations for one major reason. When speeding, there’s a chance you might accidentally kill someone or yourself. When smoking cannabis, no such threat exists whatsoever.

        —“People become addicted to marijuana.”

        This is point blank a factually incorrect statement. People do not get *physically* addicted to cannabis. This flies in the face of basically every credible scientific examination of the drug. You can *fixate* on cannabis through “psychological addiction”, but this is true of almost literally anything else (junk foods, television, etc.). I’ve been smoking cannabis for years and I have never once experienced withdrawal-like effects, and most certainly have never stolen or irresponsibly wasted my savings in order to acquire it, in the way an addict would be prone to. Anyone who *does* do those things doesn’t do it on account of cannabis: they do it because they made a poor decision and they have no substance to blame but themselves.

        1. Christian

          Ah, I also forgot to mention that wine, which Jesus is clearly depicted drinking in the Bible, is actually addictive. So your own argument works against you.

          To continue…

          “—“Long term use has deleterious effects on the cognitive function. It also appears to have a dramatic effect on the rate of testicular cancer, as well as on heart attacks and paranoia and depression. I do not see how it can be seen as a general good.”

          Again, these conclusions are overwhelmingly disputed by the medical community and modern science has basically confirmed that these notions are nothing more than primitive Reaganite propaganda. Conversely, your own line of reasoning works against you yet again: we *know* for a fact that alcohol is a primary factor in a variety of adverse health effects, most notably those related to the liver. We also know on a scriptural basis that, again, Jesus consumed alcohol.

          To continue…

          1. Christian

            —“I do not argue for or against legalization.”

            This is an interesting statement, considering the follow up paragraph in which you state…

            —“We have societies south of us in Mexico and other countries that are falling apart because of the drugs this country consumes. Our use of drugs is funding the murder and destruction of many people in other lands.”

            …Which is only the case because *cannabis is illegal*. So, naturally, your disapproval of this crime and slaughter means that, even if you don’t admit it, you are pro-legalization strictly on the basis of your moral principles, as outlined in the article. By demonizing cannabis, a virtually harmless *plant*, it’s actually YOU who are feeding into the prohibition hysteria that has caused these violent crimes and gang related deaths. Cartel leaders *love* prohibition and anti-drug sentiment because it makes them loads of cash.

          2. truthsaves Post author

            It is not virtually harmless. Argue as you will, I have seen the effects of it on my own life, the lives of friends and the lives of students. I have been in a near-fatal car wreck in which the driver was stoned (we rear-ended a car and broke the windshield with our heads). He was busy fiddling with the stereo instead of watching the road and his reaction times were slowed. To say it’s “virtually harmless” is to have your eyes closed to reality. Some are so overcome with love for the plant (and their addiction to the high) that they refuse to see the very real harm it causes, especially in the lives of our youth. Just based on my own experiences, I’m convinced that marijuana has indeed caused the deaths of many people. It’s hard to prove it, but I know what can happen.

          3. truthsaves Post author

            Jesus did not regularly consume alcohol and made it clear that we should not be drunk with wine. Smoking marijuana instantly impairs the user. I see no significant difference in being drunk with wine or stoned on pot (on the surface there are obviously differences–don’t misunderstand). Simply put, both are intoxicating, addictive and potentially dangerous (health, motivation, memory, reaction times, etc.).

        2. truthsaves Post author

          Marijuana is addictive. Period. I used it long enough to know. Psychological or not, people do indeed become addicted to marijuana. And they do resort to stealing, spending all their money, etc. Maybe you don’t, but many people do. I’ve known them. I see it regularly. I have a friend (let’s call him Joe) who I’ve seen steal, fight, etc. to get marijuana. He’s now in his early 40’s (I’ve known him since our late teens), still wastes his paychecks on pot, still doesn’t take care of his family (married with kids), still goes job to job, still ends up in jail now and again and STILL can’t go a day without his weed.

          I see it with the students I work with as well. They’ll do crazy things to get their hands on their weed. And once they get into it, they change. They come to school high, their grades drop, their ability to converse intelligently starts to fade, their irrationality increases, their memory falls apart . . . these are just a few of the deleterious effects of the marijuana they’re smoking.

          To say it’s not “physically” addictive is not the issue. It’s addictive. Nobody who has used it regularly over time can deny that. If they do deny it, it’s because their desire to use it overcomes their desire to think rationally about it.

      2. truthsaves Post author

        There is a difference between: 1) following God’s law over man’s law (Acts 5:29) and 2) obeying laws that do not violate God’s law.

        Smoking an addictive, brain-numbing, motivation-killing, illegal drug has nothing to do with following God’s law. To make an argument that smoking marijuana is somehow akin to harboring innocent Jewish refugees is, as you say, absurd.

  28. Christian

    —“You state that there are Christians who use Scripture to justify the use of marijuana. There are also people who claim to know Christ and use Scripture to justify everything from racial hatred towards others to turning a deaf ear to the cries of the immigrant and the poor.”

    Racial hatred and neglect for the poor/sojourner are *in no way* anything akin to smoking cannabis. Racial hatred is a sin with victims. Neglect for the poor is a sin with victims. Neglect for the sojourner is a sin with victims. Cannabis use is not (inherently) sinful and is a “crime” with no victims. That’s an asinine connection to make.

    —“Crownvetch yields seeds and is poisonous. Nightshade yields seeds and is poisonous. The poinsettia yields seed and is poisonous. Hemlock yields seeds and is poisonous. Every day, we have to choose between plants that are good for us and those that are not. God is not commanding us to eat of every poisonous plant.”

    And? Cannabis yields seeds and… isn’t poisonous. A lethal dose literally cannot be achieved. For goodness sake, WATER has a lethal dose! So what exactly are you arguing here? Poisonous plants exist, therefore we should abstain from *factually* non-poisonous plants like cannabis?

    And allow me to make just one last point…

    1. Christian

      Your entire argument falls apart *as soon* as we throw alcohol into the equation.

      Jesus drank alcohol. Alcohol is literally a poison. This is why you vomit when drinking too much, and why your liver (your body’s poison control center) corrodes after too much use. This is a drug we know causes addiction. This is a drug we know has adverse health effects. Again: Jesus consumed this substance. So even IF cannabis is addictive (which the scientific majority rejects), we already know it to be LESS addictive than alcohol. Even IF cannabis is harmful (which science heavily disputes), we know for a fact that it’s much, much, MUCH less dangerous than alcohol.

      So in light of these facts, how can you *possibly* argue that cannabis is wrong or sinful, when God himself personally came down from heaven to bring the best wine to the party?! (John 2:10)

    2. truthsaves Post author

      The point is that not all plants are healthy for human consumption. It’s a simple argument for those who say, “God created it therefore it’s good.”

      1. Christian

        I understand that certain plants are unhealthy, and I understand that on that basis not *all* plants are good for consumption despite the fact that God made them available to us.

        However, what you don’t seem to comprehend about this argument of yours is that cannabis, point blank, does *not* fall under that category. There are literally NO diseases tied to cannabis (and yes, that includes cancer; the majority of studies have demonstrated that every cannabis user who developed a cancer was smoking tobacco as well, and the non-tobacco smokers remain healthy). There is literally NO physically possible lethal dose of cannabis. So until you can show me a *single* cannabis related death documented in a proper scientific fashion (good luck with that one), your argument is virtually baseless.

        I’ve been smoking pot for years. There was a time in my life when I smoked practically daily for a year.
        Not ONCE has it made me sick.
        Not ONCE has it caused me chronic pain.
        Not ONCE has it given me a disease.
        Not ONCE have I overdosed or been poisoned by it.
        Not ONCE have I been hospitalized as a result of my use.
        And guess what? As far as the scientific community is concerned, no one else has.

        Alcohol, conversely, has done all these things to a multitude of people. So if you want to chastise people for using cannabis, go ahead: just understand that when you reach the pearly gates, for consistency’s sake, you’ll have to chastise God himself for consuming an even more dangerous substance.

  29. Christian

    “It is not virtually harmless.”

    Really? That’s funny, ’cause I feel fine!

    “I have seen the effects of it on my own life, the lives of friends and the lives of students.”

    No; what you’ve seen are stupid decisions. Stupid decisions made by irresponsible people. And instead of holding them accountable, or taking personal responsibility for your own cannabis related mistakes, you’ve decided to put the blame on a harmless plant rather than either them or yourself. That’s wrong.

    “I have been in a near-fatal car wreck in which the driver was stoned (we rear-ended a car and broke the windshield with our heads). He was busy fiddling with the stereo instead of watching the road and his reaction times were slowed.”

    So; in other words, driving while stoned isn’t a good idea. I understand that.
    Am I to understand that you’re using this point to make cannabis use look sinful, or more specifically, non-Christian?
    Ok. So… let’s take this logic of yours and dive down the rabbit hole.
    Let’s consider the fact that driving after drinking is also a bad idea. A much, much worse idea.
    So, using your own logic, wouldn’t that also make alcohol sinful (or non-Christian) to consume?
    And, as a followup, wouldn’t that make Jesus a sinner?
    Bam. You’ve created a Christological paradox. According to scripture, Jesus (or God) doesn’t sin; however, your arguments indirectly imply that he did by both consuming alcohol and enabling others to do the same.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Yes, I have seen stupid decision. Like young people with developing brains daily smoking an unregulated, illegal, addictive, psychoactive, brain-numbing, motivation-killing, expensive drug. That’s stupid. The plant is not harmless, as you say, or there wouldn’t be so many negative effects. Marijuana use almost ruined my own life? Harmless? Not remotely. It totally destroyed my motivation. It gave me an endless mucous-filled cough. It took my paychecks. It took my time. It killed my relationships. It ruined my ability to interact with others. It stalled my college education. Harmless? Try googling some ideas that are different than your own. Try this one for starters: “how does marijuana affect a developing brain” and then actually read the articles. With some very basic research one can see that marijuana causes much harm for many people.

      Having said that, I still say it’s between you and God as to whether or not it’s a sin for you to smoke it. Saying that driving after drinking is a bad idea doesn’t mean that drinking a small amount of alcohol is a sin. I’m not sure how you’re reaching that conclusion.

  30. Christian

    “To say it’s “virtually harmless” is to have your eyes closed to reality.”

    And yet, even with “eyes closed”, I and all my cannabis using friends remain virtually unharmed.

    “Some are so overcome with love for the plant (and their addiction to the high) that they refuse to see the very real harm it causes,”

    And some are so overcome with a lack of respect or understanding for botanical and medical scientific findings that they parrot baseless negative claims about a plant that has never killed anyone, ever.

    “Just based on my own experiences, I’m convinced that marijuana has indeed caused the deaths of many people. It’s hard to prove it, but I know what can happen.”

    Suppose Billy wants some cannabis.
    Suppose Jimmy has cannabis.
    Suppose Billy kills Jimmy for his cannabis.

    POP QUIZ: Who killed Jimmy?
    A) Billy
    B) Billy, obviously.
    C) Uh, definitely Billy.
    D) Cannabis
    E) Answers A, B and C.

    It’s not that it’s “hard to prove” cannabis causes death. It’s that it’s LITERALLY impossible. There isn’t a *single* recorded death from cannabis: EVER. In the entire extant history of the human race, we have *never once seen* a death caused directly by the consumption of cannabis itself. If cannabis ever killed someone, it would be HUGE news. Why? Because. It’s. Never. Happened.

    To expand on this…

    1. truthsaves Post author

      I believe marijuana has caused many deaths throughout history, especially in this day and age of young people abusing the drug and driving vehicles. I could have died when my friend, who was high on pot, rear-ended a car at 40mph. I broke the windshield with my head and that could have been the end of my life. Am I the only one who’s ever experienced this? I highly doubt that I’m one in billions. After the wreck, the driver was tested for alcohol, but guess what? We weren’t tested for marijuana. So my friend never got in trouble for driving intoxicated, even though he was most definitely intoxicated. Officers can’t just test for marijuana use on the side of the road like they can for alcohol use.

  31. Christian

    All of the deaths related to cannabis have nothing directly to do with the plant itself: they are, in fact, tied exclusively to the drug trade. People die over cannabis *because the law says they can’t smoke it*. This law was propagated by the Nixon and Reagan administrations. So, who’s to blame? Cannabis, or Ronald Reagan? (Remember kids, “just say no!”)

    “Jesus did not regularly consume alcohol and made it clear that we should not be drunk with wine.”

    Yes, of course, and that’s good advice. Drunkenness is a terrible thing; it causes irrational emotional responses to various stimuli, it’s the source of a great many conflict, it severely impairs the judgement of the intoxicated party, it can directly lead to death, rape, theft, domestic violence, the list goes on and on.
    And yet… surprise surprise, cannabis intoxication yields NONE of these effects. You can’t GET “drunk with cannabis”. It just doesn’t happen. Basically the dumbest thing you can do while high is eat every last thing in your fridge.

    I’m glad you can show me a Bible verse that says not be a drunk.
    Now show me the Bible verse that says drunkenness and being high on cannabis, a *totally unrelated form of intoxication*, are somehow the same.
    It’s like arguing that the use of caffeine (which is a drug, by the way) is the same as drunkenness, despite the fact that the effects are completely different. You’re mixing apples and oranges.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Why is there a debate on how to determine how high is too high to drive a vehicle? In the state of Colorado, it’s five nanograms per milliliter. Why do people even discuss this, if, as you say, marijuana doesn’t have intoxicating effects?

      I’m not saying that being intoxicated with marijuana is exactly the same physically as being drunk–that would be ludicrous. The idea in Scripture, as we see it, is that our minds should be clear and not clouded. Marijuana deadens the senses, clouds the mind, reduces reaction times, affects time perception, affects balance, reduces the ability to multi-task, kills motivation, and yes, is addictive . . . I could go on but it’s starting to sound repetitive.

  32. Christian

    “I see no significant difference in being drunk with wine or stoned on pot[.]”

    Slurred speech. Dulled vision. Significantly reduced reaction time. Significant increase in violent behaviors. Sexual promiscuity. Significant loss in balance and coordination. Potentiality for overdosing. Black outs or “lost time”. This list could go on, and on, and on.
    You don’t see these things because you don’t care to see them. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    “Simply put, both are intoxicating, addictive and potentially dangerous (health, motivation, memory, reaction times, etc.).”

    Sugar and caffeine are also “intoxicants”. Next.
    Cannabis is only psychologically addictive, as is *everything else on the planet*. Next.
    The majority of contemporary science claims there is no real danger to pot use. Next.
    Lastly, even despite your confession that alcohol has all of these traits (and more, mind you), you STILL can’t explain to me how it’s somehow magically OK for God himself to have come down to earth to have a sip here or there, but nooooo, CANNABIS is a problem!

    All despite NOT being practically addictive.
    All despite NOT being fatal or legitimately damaging to one’s health.
    All despite NOT intoxicating the user on the scale alcohol does.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      My original quote:

      “I see no significant difference in being drunk with wine or stoned on pot (on the surface there are obviously differences–don’t misunderstand).”

      You conveniently left out the portion in parentheses. Yes, the effects are different. I do care to see the differences. Please give me sources on your statement that “the majority of contemporary science claims that there is no real danger to pot use.”

      Do you have sources that prove that it’s not “legitimately damaging to one’s health” as you say?

      If the Bible spoke about Jesus smoking weed, well then, your argument would be much easier to prove.

  33. Christian

    “Marijuana is addictive. Period. I used it long enough to know.”

    Oh. Really? So, humor me, how long exactly does it take to get addicted? Ten years? Perhaps twenty? Because I’ve been smoking *quite a lot of pot* for *quite some time* and have yet to experience withdrawal, or intensely impairing cravings, or addiction related theft and violence of ANY kind. Due to monetary restrictions, I put reasonable and strict limits on my purchasing of the substance, restrictions I have never once violated. Now: what does that sound like to you? Addiction? No. Self Control? Sure. So… others who can’t adhere to these same conditions for this same substance are not ADDICTS, but people with no sense of self control. Those are two fundamentally different concepts.

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Merriam-Webster defines addiction as:

      1) a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)

      2) an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something

      So yes, for me (and for others I’ve known and watched), marijuana is highly addictive. You focus solely on the physical aspect of addiction, which is leaving a lot out of the equation.

  34. Christian

    “I have a friend (let’s call him Joe) who I’ve seen steal, fight, etc. to get marijuana. He’s now in his early 40’s (I’ve known him since our late teens), still wastes his paychecks on pot, still doesn’t take care of his family (married with kids), still goes job to job, still ends up in jail now and again and STILL can’t go a day without his weed.”

    OK: so, on this basis, cannabis is bad, correct? Alright.
    Therefore cannabis use is a sin, correct? Alright.

    I too have a friend. I’ve seen her steal, fight, etc. to get alcohol. She still wastes her paychecks on pot, doesn’t contact her family, still goes job to job, has ended up in jail over drunkenness, and still can’t abide without alcohol.

    SO. As we established before…
    On this basis, alcohol is bad, correct? Alright.
    Therefore consumption of alcohol is a sin, correct? Alright.
    Jesus consumed alcohol… alright?
    Therefore, Jesus is a sinner? What?!
    How can you reconcile your asinine arguments with Christianity? This is scriptural exegesis at its most insufferable!

    1. truthsaves Post author

      I appreciate your thoughts.

      The original intent of the article was to say that the use of marijuana isn’t supported in Scripture. We believe that.

      We don’t believe that consuming small amounts of alcohol is a sin. You said that. We didn’t. We also don’t state that smoking pot is a sin. You said that. We didn’t. I will say again as I have said previously that whether or not one smokes pot is between them and Almighty God.

      For me personally, smoking pot is sin because it clouds my mind, deadens my senses and interferes with rational thought. And for me, it’s addictive and I refuse to let it have power over me.

      You take quite the jump when you say that because we believe that marijuana is addictive and detrimental to overall health and wellness that therefore we also believe that Jesus was a sinner.

      I still have no problem that both that marijuana is bad (for me and others I’ve known) and that Jesus was most definitely not a sinner.

  35. Heather

    You all need to go back to the original bibles, not the translated version of today, the original one. Cannabis was an ingredient in the anointing oil..this is what Jesus used to heal people with. He didn’t smoke it but Moses did and how old was he when he died..well he smoked it every time he talked to God on the mountain. If you truly understood the plant and studied it you would see all the true benefits of this amazing plant. Who else planted it but God are you saying God is a sinner for getting us all high. You’re government pounded it n everyone’s head it’s bad but of course if you knew you could grow and make your own medicine you would never pay for healthcare so who’s the bad guy here God, Jesus, or your government?

  36. Gavri'El, a Talmid in haMashiach

    I use it daily 4medicine but I’m not commenting on that. Firstly I can “slowly” read Hebrew/Aramaic & I have a copy of the TaNaK in Hebrew. I’ve gone over & over the 5 books of Mosheh & there is nothing close 2 proof of cannabis cultivation (in a desert so dry the Israelites complained multiple times 4water & needed Yahweh 2intervene 2give water 4animals & humans) while wandering in the desert 4 40 yrs. Elohim says we MUST rightly divide the word of truth. How? By the witness of 2 or more & thus far I’ve only found the same paper sighted as proof w/out supporting evidence. Smells like goats 2me! This was likely “whispered” 2A flesh & blood athiest (by 1of the wandering raphaim spirits) historian convinced all spiritual things were misunderstood psychodelic trips. Ha Shatan’s greatest deception is convincing the majority of people that he isn’t real.
    This is not 2say that I think recreational use is sin or the danger it’s made out 2B by many “Christians”. It seems 2Bforgotten that we battle not flesh & blood but the World Rulers of this present DARK age. The World is the danger & ha Shatan will continue his deliberate mutilation of anything he can use against the Qodeshim until Mashiach returns. Until that time if cannabis is sinful 2U fine, if not that is ok as well. Arguing circles makes sinners of all as it puts stumbling blocks in front of family in Mashiach. Let’s agree 2disagree & love 1another as He loved us til the royal shofar rings thru all creation. Shalom!

  37. sanctifying journey

    My God is a Holy God. My God is a God of peace, not confusion. My God is not a liar. If God indicated that Pot is good for you and it is good for us to have an altered mind, then why would He also tell us to guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. Why would he tell us to have a sober mind? If God is sending us mixed signals, then He is not Holy, He is a liar, and I shouldn’t believe anything He says. By the way, I am not a Christian, I am follower of Christ. The word Christian now carries too many different meanings and many times no longer means to be Christ-like.

  38. your mistaken

    Im sure this wont make the cut but sounds to me like “Truth Saves” is full of him or her self. Sounds to me Truth Saves is using the word of Yahweh to furhter thier misinformed propaganda fueled anti cannabis brain lock. Would Yahweh prefer I have seizures or use cannabis.
    Would Yahweh prefer I would have died a year ago from cancer or Use cannabis to kill it off and be alive now. Christian hypocrite. Of all these the greatest is love. Where is your compassion. What makes you such and expert on all this anyway. Your spew of unnecessary detailed pseudo facts tells me you are full of yourself. Judgement is dangerous too as you will be judged. Your have no Idea expert..You are not Yahweh. Who is your god anyway. Mine is Yahweh

    1. truthsaves Post author

      Please tell me (specifically) how we are hypocrites.

      The point of the article is that we don’t believe Scripture supports the use of marijuana.

      We have stated multiple times though that marijuana use is between the user and God. We do not condemn those who use marijuanaK/em>. Scripture is not clear on the subject of marijuana use, although it is clear on having a sound and sober mind (1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 4:7; 1 Peter 5:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:6; 2 Timothy 4:5).

      Again, we do not condemn those who use. As we see Scripture, it does not support the use of marijuana. But if you think it does, then you think it does. And we respect that.

      What makes me an expert? Well, I’m no scientist, but I was a heavy user of marijuana for a number of years. Addictive? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Thought-provoking? Yes. Eye-opening? At times. Expensive? Yes. Memory-killing? Indeed. Motivation-sapping? Without a doubt. Bad for developing brains. Yes.

      It does have medicinal benefits for some and for those, it could be a good thing, like any other medication.

      But I don’t buy the common arguments for defenders of the plant. It’s natural. It’s never killed anyone. It’s not addictive. To those I say, “Rubbish.” Who cares if it’s natural? Many things are natural and harmful to humans (Palytoxin Tetanospasmin, Muscarine, just to name a few). It’s never killed anyone? Not instantly maybe. But have you ever watched a heavy marijuana user descend into depression and despair? I have. I see it regularly in the youth I work with. And I know of serious car accidents caused by impaired drivers. I was in one. Everyone in that car nearly died. And those who say it isn’t addictive either 1) don’t know or 2) love it too much to admit the truth. I used. For years. I know how hard it was to quit and I know how hard I tried to get it when I didn’t have it. It’s highly addictive. Why do you think, in Washington State, that the “legal” bags now have warnings on them about the habit-forming nature of the drug? Because everyone knows it’s addictive. Only those who choose to ignore its addictive properties say otherwise.

      I will say again, for the third time, and I hope you read and understand — we do not condemn those who use marijuana. It is an issue between the user and God. We support and love many who use and we do not condemn or judge. We simply say, “We think marijuana is harmful and we don’t believe its use is supported in the pages of Scripture.” And we have a plethora of valid reasons for saying so.


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