And God Cried

This poem reminds us that God cares for our every need. He loves us and will see us through the painful trials of life.

I haven’t updated this blog for a while due to many things . . . first, my computer was out of commission for almost three weeks. Second, I was in Alaska fishing (and visiting with family) for about two weeks. So, there are my excuses. Now, on to the real reason for this post.

Melinda Lancaster writes some amazing poetry. She gave me permission to post poems from her site, so I have finally posted one. More will follow, you can be sure. This one is called “And God Cried.”

It’s a moving poem about how God cares deeply and personally for us. It reminds us that God doesn’t simply want to rule over us; He wants to be intimately involved with our lives. He wants to provide for all our needs. We can trust Him to be there when we’re in pain, alone, frightened . . . He loves us and this poem reminds us of that.

And God Cried

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