I Think I’ve Committed Blasphemy – Can I Be Forgiven?

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I called the Holy Spirit a liar. Have I committed blasphemy?

I was in tremendous emotional pain when this happened. I immediately kept saying over and over that I was so sorry and did not mean it. This happened over 20 years ago. I did this knowing Jesus said it could never be forgiven because I was suicidal. I instantly regretted my actions and said so repeatedly. I feel suicidal now but am hanging on for my family. Do you really think God can be merciful to someone like me? I am desperate.

Tim’s Answer

Stop. Stop allowing Satan to drag you down. Trust God’s promises.

Our solace is always in the promises of Christ. Those who come to Him He will never cast out. Those who come to Him will find rest. Those who believe in Him have everlasting life. These, and many other similar promises are found throughout the pages of Scripture. But the promises of God do not provide solace if we do not believe in them.

If we keep looking at ourselves and see what a bad person we have been, we will not have any solace. Whenever we focus on ourselves, we tend either to think that we are better than we are or we think that we are so bad that we are beyond God’s grace. Both thoughts are sin. Thinking better of ourselves than we are is pride. Thinking that we are beyond God’s grace diminishes God. This is why Scripture never asks us to set our thoughts on ourselves. Rather, we are to set our thoughts on things above (Colossians 3:1-3), to focus on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). I encourage you to stop thinking about yourself, and think about God, His great promises, and how you can help others.

Whatever the passage on blaspheming the Holy Spirit means, and many scholars have wrestled with this passage, it does not mean that God’s other promises are not true. The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is not an exception to the great promises of God. God never says that those who come to Christ will not be cast out, except for those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Jesus never says that those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not receive eternal life if they believe. The passage on blaspheming the Holy Spirit is not a “go to jail” card that trumps the rest of Scripture. Rather, God’s trump card is called “mercy.” It is what trumps all else. Those who come to Him will never be cast out. The prodigal son could come. The Apostle Paul, who says that he was the worst of sinners and was a blasphemer, could come. Even when God pronounces judgment, for those who repent and turn to God they will find mercy. The people of Nineveh knew this. The prophet Jeremiah says this. The children of Israel knew this. Up until the day they went into captivity, God was still offering His mercy for those who would turn to Him. Stop believing Satan’s lie.

I realize that I cannot make you believe God. I cannot make you trust in His promises. I cannot reverse your “poor me” or “woe is me” mentality. I cannot make you start thinking about what is good and right and pure and lovely. If I could, I definitely would. You have the choice. You can either choose to think that God really meant it when He said that those who come to Him He will not cast out, or you can continue to doubt God. Faith is counting God to be true to His promises. If we really believe this, then we are of all people most blessed.

You mention that you feel suicidal. I encourage you to get to a doctor and seek some help from those around. It is very possible that you have clinical depression. If so, this may be caused in part by a malfunctioning of your body. A good doctor can be a tremendous help in such situations.

May God bless you as you continue to seek Him.

I hope I have not committed blasphemy

3 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Committed Blasphemy – Can I Be Forgiven?”

  1. Hi ive been to a school where there have been a-lot of kids that say the lords name in vain without knowing the consequences, but the influence of 350-400 kids doing that for almost 2 years has a bad effect on me. To the point that it made me blasphemy the name of the lord. Its gotten to the point where it happened hundreds of times and i don’t know if i will be forgiven anymore. Because all blasphemers don’t go to heaven. I’m worried if i have blasphemed the name of the lord that i won’t be forgiven. Because Paul acted and blasphemed out of ignorance and he did not know who he was blaspheming and that was the only reason that he was shown mercy.

  2. I’ve committed Blasphemy I swore at Jesus and the lord himself it was a heated argument and it slipped out my mouth I was so mad at the time not knowing what I have just done. Have I doomed myself for eternity I need answers. I’m scared on what happens with my relationship with the lord.

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