Outline of 2 Timothy

It it our desire that this outline of 2 Timothy will assist you as you study God’s holy Word.

2 Timothy is the last of the letters we have from Paul. It was written shortly before he was martyred. The theme of the letter is commitment. Paul had committed his life to Christ (1:12); Timothy had a good thing committed to him (1:14); Timothy was to commit the things he had heard to faithful men (2:2); Timothy was to continue in what he had learned (3:14); he was to fulfill his ministry (4:5), and Paul had carried his commitment to the end (4:7).

The letter sets forth Paul’s desire for Timothy to continue in the work God had called Timothy to do. We also see Paul’s great desire for and close bond with Timothy. He calls him “my beloved son” (1:2); he is reminded of Timothy’s tears and longs to see him (1:4). He gives encouragement for Timothy to persevere in the midst of opposition and complacency.

There are some 30 references to Jesus Christ in 83 verses.

Date: 64 A.D. (?)

I. Introduction 1:1-2

II. Paul’s Relationship With Timothy 1:3-18

  1. Fond Remembrance 1:3-5
  2. Encouragement toward Ministry 1:6-18
    1. Remember the gift of God 1:6-7
    2. Do not be ashamed 1:8-12
    3. Hold fast to sound words 1:13
    4. Keep the good thing 1:14
    5. Know those who have departed 1:15
    6. Remember the faithful 1:16-18

III. Paul’s Instruction on Relationship with Others 2-4:5

  1. Commit Faithful Words to Faithful Men 2:1-13
    1. Be strong 2:1
    2. Find those who will be able to teach 2:2
    3. Endure hardship 2:3-6
    5. Follow my example 2:10
    6. The faithful saying 2:11-13
  2. Deal Wisely with the Unfaithful 2:14-26
    1. Don’t strive 2:14-21
    2. Flee youthful lusts & disputes 2:22-23
    3. Be Gentle 2:24-26
  3. The Evil of the Last Times 3:1-9
  4. Live righteously 3:10-17
    1. There will be persecutions 3:10-13
    2. Hold to Scripture 3:14-17
  5. Minister to Others 4:1-5
    1. Preach the Word 4:1-4
    2. Do the work of an evangelist 4:5

IV. Paul’s Final Words 4:6-22

  1. I have finished well 4:6-8
  2. Come be my friend 4:9-16
  3. The Lord is faithful 4:17-18
  4. Final greetings 4:19-21
  5. Farewell 4:22

Key Idea: Those who are committed to Christ finish with no regrets.

Key Passage: 2:8

Key Lesson: Stay committed to Christ and His work

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