Outline of Job

We hope this outline of Job will assist you as you study God’s letter to you.

We do not know a great deal about Job. It is difficult to pinpoint the time of his life with any precision. However, what we know is that Job had 10 children who appear to be all adults at the time his suffering began. This would place Job, most likely, at least in his 50’s. After His suffering, Job lived 140 years. (Job 42:16) This would make the total life of Job around 200 years old. Such would place Job somewhere around the time of Abraham. It appears that the Sabeans and the Chaldeans were nomads at this time, which would not be true of a later era. The fact that Job was the priest for his family and the absence of any mention of the children of Israel leads to the conclusion that it took place before Israel came into being. Certainly, Job was not under the Mosaic law.

Job is referenced in Ezekiel 14:14, 20 and James 5:11.

Date: 2000 B.C.

Divisions: The book of Job may be divided as follows:

I. Job’s Afflictions 1-2

  1. His surroundings 1
  2. His health 2

II. Job’s Distressing Friends 3-31

  1. Round 1 3-14
    1. Job: Why was I born? 3
    2. Eliphaz: (the mystic, the night vision 4:12-16) Relax; you have sinned and God is chastening 4-5
    3. Job: Have I sinned? What have I done? 6-7
    4. Bildad: (the traditionalist 8;8) If you had not sinned, God would not do this to you. 8
    5. Job: God is free to do what He wants, my righteousness does not change this. 9-10
    6. Zophar: (the rationalist 11:7) Your talk is empty, God is giving you less than you deserve 11
    7. Job: I am as wise as you, you do not speak for God, I will talk to God 12-14
  2. Round 2 15-21
    1. Eliphaz: Your own speech reveals your sin 15
    2. Job: You are miserable comforters 16-17
    3. Bildad: Listen, it is the wicked who suffer such things 18
    4. Job: No, God has wronged me. Why, I do not know, but I shall see God. 19
    5. Zophar: The triumph of the wicked always comes to an end. 20
    6. Job: It is not so. Look at the wicked. Their payment comes after this life, not in this life. 21
  3. Round 3 22-31
    1. Eliphaz: Get acquainted with God and your troubles will cease. 22
    2. Job: Oh, if only I could find God; but He is Himself. 23-24
    3. Bildad: How is it possible that man can be righteous? 25
    4. Job: You have helped not at all. We see so little of God. My integrity will stand until I die. 26-31
  4. The Young One speaks 32-37 (“I desire to justify Job” 33:32–but he too condemns)

III. God Speaks 38-41 Do you know who I am?

IV. The End 42

Key Idea: “Suffering” (32x LORD; 114x God)

Key Passage: Job 19:25-27

Key Lesson: Suffering may come for a while, but the end of God is grace.

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