Dave’s Conversion Story

Near the beginning of Dave’s story, we see the following:

In 1991, my second son, Greg, who was only 18 months old, was diagnosed with AML leukemia. I was crushed, because I feared for his death, and wanted to be able to love him for my entire life.

I don’t know about you, but this story breaks my heart. It crushes my spirit and causes me to ask, as a father, “Why God? WHY?”

Dave’s Conversion Testimony

Hannah’s Story

Hannah submitted her testimony to us a few days back. It’s not a typical testimony, as it doesn’t detail her conversion experience. But a testimony of God’s grace and power doesn’t always have to be a conversion experience. It can simply be a story of what God has done for you–how He has been real to you and changed your life. Check out Hannah’s story by clicking the link below . . .

Hannah’s Christian Testimony

Alaina’s Story

Alaina says she’s just a kid. Well, that makes her testimony that much more impressive, because she sounds pretty mature to me. I love the following quote in her testimony:

I don’t know how life-changing my story was to you, because after a lot of Bible-reading and praying, these became things that I just knew.

Isn’t it true? If we read, we will know. And that quote portrays another elementary truth about God: He has given us everything we need for life and peace. We have His Word–His letter to us. What will we do with it?

Alaina’s Testimony

Kevin’s Journey to God

In his testimony, Kevin tells us that

I felt depressed during my freshman year of High School. I couldn’t concentrate, I had low test scores, I was just wandering through life – not having a purpose or an identity. I thought that if I could find my purpose in this life I would be motivated and then I could truly begin to live.

Read his story of how he found his life’s purpose.

Kevin’s Christian Testimony

Elaine’s Christian Testimony

Elaine’s testimony is yet another example of how Christianity can (and should) appeal to one’s intellect. She considered herself one of the “enlightened” ones for years. Her New Age belief system taught her that Christians were liars, intolerant and controlling. She was on her way to perfection; she wanted to achieve that “Christ-consciousness.” Apparently she figured out that people will never be perfect and that there is only one Savior — Jesus Christ.

New Age Escape–Elaine’s Christian Testimony