Choose Life

Is your faith weak? Is it difficult to follow God? Look at it this way. You can choose life or you can choose death. Which one do you want?

Faith in God is not something that comes naturally. Sin comes naturally. Faith is a conscious decision and requires constant effort. You can choose to believe, to trust, to follow, to avoid sin. You can choose life. It really comes down to a simple choice. Of course, life is much more complex than that. Addictions, lifestyles, environment, thought processes, habits . . . all these factors play into our daily decisions. If losing weight and being buff were just simple decisions, then everyone would be fit and trim. The human psyche is complex. But ultimately, if you push all the junk aside, every decision you make is a choice. Everything you eat, everything you read, everything you focus on, everything you say—it’s all a choice. You choose. What will you choose? Life? Or death?

Choose Life

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