One thought on “The Hebrew word for truth radiates Christ”

  1. there are so many tresures in the bible like well in the gospel of jhon jesus wants judas to betray him but the other 3 gospels matthew mark and luke defiles this treasure we al know that judas is a apostle of the lord and there is also the early version of the gospel of jhon it is called the gospel of judas we all know that jhon wrote his gospel so this means jhon wrote the gospel of judas the cainnites did not make this up it is the apostle jhon who wrote it for judas and jhon wants us to remember him as the apostle of the lord for judas is the key to unlock the truth about jesus and judas knows where jesus came from judas said to the lord I know where you come from you come from barbelo and I am not worthy to take his name in vain. So this means the word bar means he is calling jesus a rabbai and el is the name of god the father and the o is in the word the holy spirit this means jesus comes from the realm of god the father and the holy spirit combined. this is another treasure.

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