Mary’s Christian Testimony

This testimony makes me realize what an easy life I’ve had. Some people really go through the fire and Mary’s one of them. Some may say, “Well, she chose that path!” I would say that’s only partially true. A lot of times we make decisions in life not fully realizing the impact those decisions will have on our lives. Anyway, I’m done pontificating. Read Mary’s testimony and find out how merciful our God can be. Click the link below to read her testimony.

Mary’s Christian Testimony

One thought on “Mary’s Christian Testimony”

  1. Thanks for sharing your powerful testimony – it makes me want to cry. Your testimony reminds me of the powerful “everything skit” – the things you went through yet Jesus stood there with His arms open. And at the end of it all you found full forgiveness in His arms, and more than that, imputed righteousness.

    God bless you in the rest of your pilgrimage, until we meet in heaven.

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