New Testament Outlines

Sometimes it’s nice, when studying the Bible, to get a broad overview of whatever book you’re reading. I’ve just finished compiling a collection of New Testament outlines written by my friend Tim. Tim acquired his masters of divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He pastored a church for almost a decade and his life serves as an example for those who wish to follow Jesus. I feel honored to be able to post these New Testament outlines that he used for his sermons.

These outlines cover every book of the New Testament from Matthew through Revelation. The outlines include a brief overview of the book, followed by the approximate date of authorship, followed by the outline of the book. The last bits of information include the key idea, the key passage, and the key lesson.

For instance, the outline for the New Testament book of Luke begins with pertinent quotes from Eusebius, Irenaeus, Origen, and Clement of Alexandria confirming the authorship of Luke. Tim then states the purpose of the book, and some prominent facts about the book, followed by the date of writing and a detailed outline. It ends with the key idea, the key passage, and the key lesson.

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