Outline of Zechariah

An apocalyptic prophet speaks. Check out our overview and outline of Zechariah.

I just uploaded our overview and outline of Zechariah.

Zechariah was a contemporary of Haggai and began to prophesy before the last two prophecies of Haggai. He is known as an apocalyptic prophet in that he gives us a series of eight visions. Tim calls this book “The Prophecy of the Two Advents.” Both the first and second returns of Christ are prophesied of in this book.

The rest of the overview and outline of Zechariah is right here.

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  1. The problems of the church are in many ways a replication of the problems Israel had. The God of Israel is the God of the church. God dealt and will deal with sin in Israel and will deal with sin in the church. Ultimately, God’s overall plan is to redeem Israel and to redeem the church. We, as God’s church, first need to understand God’s plan and secondly we need to get in step with the plan. Zechariah is relevant to the church and God’s people today by showing us God’s plan and calling us to join with that plan. Thus, we as God’s people are to show mercy and compassion, to not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the alien or the poor (Zech. 7:9-10); we are to speak truth to our neighbors, give judgment for truth, justice, and peace, not to think evil in our hearts about our neighbors (Zech. 8:16-17). How timely to the church today are these instructions, when so many (at least in America) want to stop up the borders, shut out the aliens, and deport those who are here. How is this not oppressing the aliens? Where is the mercy and compassion? To the extent the church or God’s people do such things, they need to read Zechariah and rediscover the heart of God.

    The most prominent feature of the book is God’s self-revelation. The church, as people of God, cannot be indifferent to God’s revelation of Himself to us. We should feast upon that revelation and read the book to find Him, to seek to know Him, to be delighted in how He has chosen to describe Himself and His actions towards humanity. There is a disconnect when we say we love God but are hearts are not moved at the words He has written to us. The opening thought of Zechariah is God’s call for us to return to Him. Besides showing us His plan, the book is significantly relevant because of its revelation of God and the invitation to return to Him. I submit that the church today would do well to heed this call and renew a focus on the person and plan of God and our relationship with Him.

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