Romans 16

Reading through this last chapter of Romans, as Paul remembers all those dear to him, I start pondering my own life. I’m drawn inward so often. I have friends working on their yards, struggling in their relationships, losing jobs, on drugs . . . and I’m sitting in my office, selling junk on ebay. Sure, I’m making money. Sure, I’m being clever. But am I concerned with others the way Paul was? Do I help my friends in their yards? Do I encourage my friends who are slaves to their addictions? Do I preach the word the way Paul preached it? Do I spend my time worrying about people or do I spend my time worrying about myself and what I want? I think, more often than not, I’m busy with my own interests. I’m busy with what will make me more comfortable, more happy, more secure . . . here is this life anyway. It’s so easy to serve myself. When will I start serving others?

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