Michael’s Christian Testimony

Michael was raised in a Christian home. He wandered, but ultimately returned to God’s goodness.

Michael’s testimony speaks volumes about God’s faithfulness. We may wander, but He’ll always patiently seek us out. God has a vibrant life in store for all those who earnestly seek Him.

Submit to His will and discover your life’s purpose.

Read Michael’s testimony here.

A Purposeless Life

For Liz, life lacked purpose. But she met Jesus Christ, and found her reason for living.

When life lacks meaning, where do you turn? Some turn to drugs or drinking, others turn to pornography, still others delve into their careers, searching in vain for the ever-elusive purpose.

Liz understood what it meant to feel empty and bitter. Then she met Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Read Liz’s’ testimony here.

Autumn Commemoration – A Poem

A Christian poem commemorating Autumn and the death and resurrection of our Lord.

When Autumn arrives, when leaves fall and bitter cold begins to wipe out vibrant life, our thoughts can turn dark. This time of year often reminds me of my mortality. We all live, flourish . . . die. Yet Autumn also signifies celebration. Thanksgiving arrives. Christmas is just around the corner.

While Autumn can seem gloomy, real despair struck our planet in Spring . . . long ago . . . when our Savior was nailed to a tree.

Check out Tim’s latest poem . . .

Autumn Commemoration

How to Handle Pain

Does God seem distant? These basics of Christianity will help guide you through the difficult times.

We just posted a new article on truthsaves. I had a hard time naming it . . . but I called it, “Life is Falling Apart.” It’s the mini-story of a lady who wrote us asking for advice on how to connect with God. She has been suffering through a lot of pain. I think we all go through times in life where God seems distant. Our faith feels emotionless. How do we get through these times? Tim shares some good insights, some basics of Christianity that we (I, anyway) often forget.

Check out the article.